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CIO judgment


January 22, 2014  6:38 AM

Managing Pulls and Pressures in the Organization

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
change management, CIO career development, CIO challenges, CIO ethics, CIO judgment, CIO leadership qualities, CIO role, job ethics, relationship with management

The position of CIO in any organization is a challenging one. He has to deal with various people within and especially his seniors. He derives his powers from the defined set of duties and responsibilities assigned to him and the support...

October 25, 2013  3:02 AM

Acting before it’s too late

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
CIO and business continuity, CIO challenges, CIO judgment, IT support, Risk management

Companies often get into emergency situations which may have descended upon them unannounced or could be one...

October 24, 2011  2:37 AM

A season of greetings and network bottlenecks

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
CIO judgment, CIO leadership, CIO role

These festive months are times to enjoy and rejoice. We do have fun; but there is something else to these festivities that give us the jitters. It is the greetings messages that run unhindered through our communication pipes and create those

March 7, 2011  10:05 AM

How to be a good decision maker

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
CIO choices, CIO judgment, CIO options, good decison making, quick decision taking

In the last piece I spoke about the importance of quick decision making and that just mulling over a decision and taking time leads us nowhere. Afraid of...


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