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CIO challenges


January 22, 2014  6:38 AM

Managing Pulls and Pressures in the Organization

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
change management, CIO career development, CIO challenges, CIO ethics, CIO judgment, CIO leadership qualities, CIO role, job ethics, relationship with management

The position of CIO in any organization is a challenging one. He has to deal with various people within and especially his seniors. He derives his powers from the defined set of duties and responsibilities assigned to him and the support...

November 21, 2013  8:06 AM

When users drive the CIO crazy

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
business users, business value, CIO challenges, customer demands, end-users, user demands, user involvement

There is no denying the fact that users play a significant role in a CIOs life. Some say it is they that we work for and we should not falter when serving them. They may have their idiosyncrasies and tantrums but they after all are our customers. ‘Customer is the king’ – so the saying goes...

October 25, 2013  3:02 AM

Acting before it’s too late

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
CIO and business continuity, CIO challenges, CIO judgment, IT support, Risk management

Companies often get into emergency situations which may have descended upon them unannounced or could be one...

November 12, 2012  7:40 AM

Managing target-chasing sales personnel

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
CIO and workload, CIO challenges, CIO priorities, vendor management, vendor relations

We talk of pesky calls and the ways to exercise control over them. But there is another type of unwarranted call the CIOs often face: the unsolicited contact by overzealous target-driven salesmen. It is not uncommon to receive phone calls from salesmen either through the operator in the office or...

September 17, 2012  5:13 AM

Your seven-point self renewal formula

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
CIO and workload, CIO career development, CIO challenges, CIO leadership, CIO role, CIO skills, CIO’s busy schedule, CIO’s role, education

The job of a CIO is not an easy one. While on one hand he is expected to be proactive in

June 11, 2012  8:14 AM

Pick the right seminar to boost employee productivity

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
CIO challenges, CIO responsibility, corporate, employee, productivity, seminars, training

All of us like attending seminars or short term courses once in a while, don’t we? This gives us a break from mundane activities and a chance to be away to network with fellow professionals. The lucky ones get an outing every now and then but some are not as fortunate. I am reminded of a senior...

January 30, 2012  8:18 AM

When vendors bypass CIOs

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
CIO challenges, CIO role, CIO skills, vendor management, vendor negotiation, vendor tactics

This situation is not uncommon. CIOs deal with a host of vendors and take pride in their vendor management skills. While they successfully manage vendors that they...


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