Information Technology Management with a Purpose:

December, 2011


December 27, 2011  11:02 AM

Thinking beyond routine business operations

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
CIO priorities, customer satisfaction, customer viewpoint, IT plan, IT planning, the customer

During our tenure as CIOs, we try our best to serve the organization that we work for, through the deployment of IT solutions. We consider the...

December 19, 2011  8:05 AM

Futility of partial computerization

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
automation, computerization, partial automation, Process automation, returns on investment

Whenever we start with a mission or with an objective, we are bound to face hurdles. Every journey is an adventure and we need courage to go through and win at the end. We undertake similar journeys when taking up systems for computerization. When doing so, we look at various...

December 12, 2011  7:43 AM

Inappropriate use of technology

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
technology benefits, technology deployment, technology failures

There is no doubt that technology helps bring efficiencies in our operations, decreases turn-around time of transactions, brings transparency, helps exercise control, etc.

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December 5, 2011  7:41 AM

The problems of unprepared IT departments

Posted by: S R Balasubramanian
CIO role, Indian SMB, IT deployments, IT planning, IT problems, IT response, IT strategy, IT support, successful business

Of late, I have been visiting IT deployments in many small and medium organizations — in the private sector as well as the Government sector. During the process, I had the opportunity to study initiatives taken by the business, as well as the


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