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March 10, 2011  9:55 AM

Overheard talking about Big Data

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Big Data, business analytics
“The mere fact that open source dominates much of Big Data means that, if more companies go this route, application development managers will be busy for a long time.” – Jack Vaughan

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is Big Data.

March 4, 2011  8:38 AM

Overheard talking about gap analysis

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
business process management, gap analysis
”overheard” The purpose of the gap analysis was to see how our processes could help people succeed. It wasn’t to blame people — blaming people rarely results in process improvements.
- Niel Nickolaisen

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is gap analysis.

March 2, 2011  11:26 AM

Overheard talking about event-driven architecture

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
event-driven architecture, SoA
”overheard” A company, person, or animal is said to be event-driven when it acts in direct response to an event. The event acts as a stimulus, triggering some reaction. Some events represent threats that must be addressed…Other events are positive opportunities that can be exploited.
- Mani Chandy and Roy Schulte

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is event-driven architecture.

February 28, 2011  10:22 AM

Overheard talking about zero clients

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
desktop virtualization, zero client
”overheard” “Even though thin clients don’t have any real data on them and do most of the work via central servers, they can still be a pain to manage. To solve this problem, a few vendors starting selling what they called “zero clients” — client devices with literally no configuration and nothing stored on them.” — Brian Madden

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is zero client.

February 23, 2011  7:13 AM

Overheard talking about pharmaceutical detailing

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
compliance, healthcare IT, social media
Doctors may not be using Facebook or Twitter but they are turning to physician-only social networks like Sermo. The physician shift to social media is helped by the growing number of doctors who use smart phones. That means pharma has to change the way it reaches physicians. — Liz Cermak

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is pharmaceutical detailing.

February 21, 2011  10:38 AM

Overheard talking about the term ‘private cloud’

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
cloud computing, cloud marketing, private cloud
“Private clouds are sort of an artificial phenomenon; private clouds is just a term describing corporate IT for the past 20 years. It’s a hype machine right now, and it’s time to put some Weed B Gon on the tangled underbrush of misinformation.”

Jonathan Hassell, Myths about private clouds may shortchange your organization

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is cloud-in-a-can.

February 21, 2011  9:03 AM

Overheard debating the definition of cyberwar

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
cyberwar, IT funding
“War is a sexier term than cyberattack. These are headline terms — that’s what sells…There’s a lot of push for budget and power, and overstating the threat is a good way to get people scared. ”

Security expert Bruce Schneier,
RSA panel debates cyberwar definition, realities

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the day is cyberwar.

February 17, 2011  8:09 AM

Overheard talking about the 2G spectrum controversy

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
2G, 3G, 4G, digital cellular
“I wish to assure the country as a whole our government is dead serious to bring to book all the wrongdoers regardless of their position in 2G spectrum, CWG, ISRO and Adarsh scams.”

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, PM breaks silence on 2G scam, other issues

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is 4G.

While advertisers in the United States are battling it out in the media by promoting their latest products as being 4G — which technically is not even possible yet because 4G standards don’t exist — the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) is investigating the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for selling 2G mobile Internet spectrum back in 2005 without a proper bidding process.

Wharton has an interesting overview of the financial fallout caused by the questionable bidding process.

Dig deeper into the technology itself:

> Lisa Phifer provides a history lesson for those of us who want to learn more about the history of 1G, 2G and 3G.

> Learn why Carriers must support legacy 2G/3G gear long after 4G networks go live

> To put all the mobile standards in perspective, here’s a handy Fast Guide to Mobile technologies

February 16, 2011  9:18 AM

Overheard talking about the private cloud at IIT Delhi

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
cloud computing, Overheard
“Cloud computing is the backbone of India’s digital future. The setup of the private cloud at IIT Delhi is a milestone for us.”

Prateek Garg, Progressive Infotech

Today’s WhatIs.com Word of the Day is private cloud.

The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is one of several Institutes of Technology established and declared as Institutes of National Importance by the Parliament of India. Although each IIT functions as an independent University, they share a common IIT Council to oversee many administration tasks. Testing the implementation of a private cloud infrastructure at IIT Delhi may be the first step in moving towards a more centralized cloud computing infrastructure for all members of the IIT Council.

See also: cloud-in-a-can, public cloud, hybrid cloud

December 8, 2010  12:12 AM

How interesting is your security awareness campaign model?

Posted by: Anilpatrick
lucius lobo, poster campaigns, security awareness

Information security awareness campaigns can be a tough act to get right. The biggest challenge faced on this front is that users just can’t accept the need for infosec till things go wrong. Yet another issue is the difficulty of enticing users to take note of the security awareness campaign.

Face it. Information security is a boring aspect for most users. It assumes glamorous proportions only in cases of “Wikileaks”-ian proportions (please excuse the cliche). An industry which infosec professionals can learn from on the awareness campaigns front is the manufacturing vertical — one which has been battling industrial safety issues for many a decade now. Despite the obvious physical safety concerns in this vertical, industry safety campaigns are still a tough act to roll out. Sounds similar to your infosec awareness campaigns, doesn’t it?

Your poster campaigns and infosec champion programs go only so far as the users participate in it. Else they just remain as unnoticed colorful posters on the wall. These will definitely help you get your ISO certs and get the attention of visitors, but achieve nothing practical beyond it. So yes, do spare a thought to making your infosec campaigns a bit more creative and more importantly, practical.

On this front, infosec professional Lucius Lobo has put together a good security strips section on his blog. Will make for an interesting perspective.

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