Heard, and overheard:

April, 2011


April 28, 2011  5:22 AM

Overheard talking about registered health information technicians

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
health care IT


April 25, 2011  10:26 AM

Overheard talking about PMO

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
project management

overheard Overheard:...

April 15, 2011  8:10 AM

Overheard talking about cow power

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
alternative energy, power and cooling

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April 14, 2011  8:50 AM

Overheard talking about application lifecycle management

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
software development

overheard Overheard: Mike Jones "Application lifecycle...

April 13, 2011  11:16 AM

Overheard talking about Web self-service

Posted by: Margaret Rouse

overheard Overheard: Chris Maxcer "Since ...

April 12, 2011  8:02 AM

Overheard – database activity monitoring (DAM)

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
compliance, data management

overheard Overheard: Adrian...

April 8, 2011  2:40 PM

Overheard talking about cloud drive

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
cloud backup, cloud computing

overheard Overheard: Curtis...

April 2, 2011  5:45 AM

Overheard talking about the Singularity

Posted by: Margaret Rouse

”overheard” "By 2029 we will have completed the reverse engineering of the human brain and that will provide us with...


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