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March, 2010


March 30, 2010  1:09 AM

Vendor side pictures and a rising economy

Posted by: Anilpatrick
economy, IT projects, SI, vendor talk

Vendors have the good times rolling again, as many IT projects kept on the backburner see the light of day. In fact, it may be quite a while since many of your smaller RFP invites will see even an...

March 23, 2010  7:59 AM

Look ma, all wires

Posted by: Anilpatrick
ISP inefficiency, radio link, VSAT, wifi, wimax, wireless last mile

It was with great fascination that I first beheld a VSAT in the '90s. No wires, and a direct satellite link gave the VSAT an amazing amount of glamor. Since it held keys to a colorful TCP/IP Internet account (instead of the grey-ish tones of a Shell account) the VSAT attained an even better hue of...

March 19, 2010  5:12 AM

Mobile endpoint security, where art thou?

Posted by: Anilpatrick

I have postponed writing this blog to avoid possible damage to several personal relationships, but it cannot be delayed any further. The last straw that spurred this post’s draft came yesterday, as I tinkered around with a close friend’s cell phone (provided by his employers)—only to find...

March 17, 2010  6:08 AM

Will we see the age of virtual server consolidation?

Posted by: Anilpatrick
optimization, server virtualization, virtual server sprawl

Many versions of VMware have come and gone since my first rendezvous with server virtualization in year 2000. Since things have changed quite substantially (and I've been out of touch in the practical side of things) on the virtual server front, I recently decided to try out how server...

March 9, 2010  6:24 AM

ISO 27001 SoA: How do you bell the cat?

Posted by: Anilpatrick
ISMS, ISO 27001, scope, security certifications, security policy, SoA

In connection with one of our recent stories, I happened to get a status check on the number of ISO 27001 certified organizations in India. Globally, India comes in second when it comes to the number of ISO...

March 5, 2010  4:22 AM

Indians: The pioneers of power saving

Posted by: Anilpatrick
cooling efficiency, data center optimization, green IT, power saving

I love the fuss that’s made nowadays about power saving in the data center. After all, it feels good to see that the rest of world does what Indian organizations have been doing for...

March 2, 2010  5:17 AM

CIO = Cloud Integration Officer?

Posted by: Anilpatrick
ASP, CAPEX, CIO evolution, cloud computing, OPEX

I recently overheard a very interesting debate between some consultant types and a couple of CIOs. While I’d rather not divulge the entire conversation as such, its gist was: (1) It's becoming increasingly clear that


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