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Lead Generation

December 15, 2011  10:11 PM

In defense of fruitcake

Posted by: Nasya76
Lead, Lead Generation, lead management, Lead Nurturing, Sales and Marketing

I like fruitcake. I know it’s a shocking revelation but I grew up in a house where fruitcake was celebrated. My mother gushed and smiled when the fruitcake arrived, immediately taking it from its plate and resting it on the dessert table. I would stare in wonder at the...

October 24, 2011  8:56 PM

Why tiramisu could be ruining your lead management

Posted by: Nasya76
Lead, lead management, Lead Management Tool, Pipeline, sales, Sales Pipeline

The other day, I was running over the list of "applications" I had been asked to master in different companies to improve/bring efficiencies/consolidate or any other word you can think of to say "make lead capture, management, and...

July 1, 2011  1:07 AM

The lead is just the beginning…

Posted by: Nasya76
Lead, Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Lead Qualification, Sales and Marketing

As the quarter draws to the close, many marketers are turning to the same task: metrics. We’re all seeking to report how well our marketing programs have gone this quarter or explain why a certain campaign may not have performed as well as we anticipated. To that end,...

May 16, 2011  2:22 PM

Qualified Leads: Fact or Fiction?

Posted by: Nasya76
Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Lead Qualification, Qualified Lead, Sales and Marketing, Sales Pipeline

Lead generation. It’s the ultimate goal of all marketers yet one of the  most subjective aspects of a marketer’s responsibilities. While a lead may be fairly easy to generate, a qualified lead is almost enigmatic at times. For some in Sales, a qualified lead is someone who not only needs the...

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