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July 19, 2012  3:34 PM

A rare feel good week in the world of Oracle

Posted by: Lena Weiner
Oracle, Oracle applications, Oracle hardware, Oracle security

Oracle's having a busy week. Instead of their usual legal fracases, they seem to actually be getting some work done. First, they announced their first scalable, entry level...

July 11, 2012  8:06 PM

Oracle’s social media shopping spree

Posted by: Lena Weiner
Oracle, Oracle acquisitions

Ever go on a shopping binge? One day, you’re totally cool just owning a PC and a boring, regular old flip phone. The next day, you simply must have the latest MacBook Pro (the one with

July 5, 2012  4:53 PM

Oracle just can’t catch an IP break

Posted by: Lena Weiner
European Union, Oracle

Another day, another court ruling not in Oracle’s favor when it comes to intellectual property laws. This time, Europe’s...

June 29, 2012  2:38 PM

The virtual partner event and the virtual peanut gallery

Posted by: Lena Weiner

Remember the old “You Will” ad campaign of 1993-1994 from AT&T? “Have you ever driven across the continent without asking directions? Put your kid to bed from a phone booth? Attended a corporate meeting from the beach while buried in the sand?

June 7, 2012  5:06 PM

New version of Oracle database on the way?

Posted by: Lena Weiner
Oracle acquisitions, Oracle database

Ready for a new version of the Oracle Database? You might not have to wait too long. At last week’s AllThingsD conference,

May 24, 2012  3:48 PM

On buying virtues

Posted by: Lena Weiner
Oracle acquisitions

Oracle does a lot of things very well - databases,

April 17, 2012  2:57 PM

Oracle set to release critical patch update

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Oracle security

Oracle is scheduled to release its quarterly critical patch update today, with some 88 fixes across all its product lines. The most critical issues are in Fusion Middleware, followed by Oracle Database and Sun products. This patch is larger than the last one in January, which

April 13, 2012  5:39 PM

Oracle gets vertical—Industries, that is

Posted by: Lena Weiner
Oracle acquisitions, pharmaceutical industry, vertical industries

On March 29, Oracle announced that it had entered into an agreement to acquire ClearTrial, provider of cloud-based clinical trials operations applications. The likely fate of ClearTrial is to be folded into Oracle’s Health Sciences suite...

March 29, 2012  8:53 PM

Is Wall Street’s grudge against Oracle warranted?

Posted by: Lena Weiner
Oracle, Wall Street

Despite less than stellar performance in a few areas, Oracle’s performance as discussed on their March 20th earnings call was generally held to be a solid...

February 15, 2012  7:11 PM

RightNow- Oracle’s foothold in CEM

Posted by: Lena Weiner
Oracle, Oracle acquisitions, Oracle CRM

Last October, Oracle acquired RightNow for $1.5 billion. At the time, the move was rather unexpected on Oracle’s part, and left many industry insiders scratching their...

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