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Oracle-Sun deal

January 20, 2010  4:37 PM

Oracle and the European Commission head down the home stretch

Posted by: Ed Scannell
European Commission, MySQL, Oracle-Sun deal

Oracle and the European Commission (EC) continue to slowly and painfully creep closer to  resolving its conflict over the former's nine-month long attempt to acquire Sun...

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December 23, 2009  5:24 PM

Postgres overlooked by the EC in the Oracle-Sun deal

Posted by: Ed Scannell
European Commission, MySQL, Oracle-Sun deal

With Oracle and the European Commission (EC) on the verge of reaching agreement over the former's proposed possession of MySQL, hopefully this is the last time I talk about the latter's confounding lack of understanding about the open source market. While the EC has now spent well over three...

December 15, 2009  10:26 PM

Oracle concessions edge European Commission closer to approving Sun deal

Posted by: Ed Scannell
European Commission, MySQL, Oracle-Sun deal

It's almost done. After three months of investigation, and some pointed exchanges between the two along the way, it appears Oracle and the European Commission are on the verge of settling their differences over

December 4, 2009  3:55 PM

Oracle reportedly offers compromise to appease the European Commission on MySQL

Posted by: Ed Scannell
European Commission, MySQL, open source database, Oracle-Sun deal

In his eyeball-to-eyeball stare down with the European Commission (EC) over MySQL, Oracle chairman Larry Ellison may have blinked. Multiple reports today say Ellison is willing to setup a separate entity within the combined Oracle-Sun that would be responsible for operating the MySQL open source...

November 20, 2009  5:51 PM

The EU grants Oracle another six days to prepare its case on MySQL

Posted by: Shayna Garlick
Oracle acquisitions, Oracle-Sun deal

The European Union (EU) has not been making Oracle's acquisition of Sun an easy one, putting the "acquisition machine" in quite a different situation than it's used to. The deal,...

November 18, 2009  3:21 PM

The IOUG takes a swipe at the European Commission

Posted by: Ed Scannell
European Commission, Indepedent Oracle Users Group, MySQL, Oracle-Sun deal

As tension builds in the standoff between Oracle and the European Commission (EC) over Oracle's proposed ownership of MySQL, Redwood Shores has picked up the support of the Independent Oracle Users Group...

October 21, 2009  3:00 PM

Pressure builds for Oracle to sell MySQL

Posted by: Ed Scannell
European Union, Larry Ellison, MySQL, Novell, Oracle-Sun deal, Red Hat

It seems like some people just don't want Oracle to own MySQL. Right on the heels of Oracle chairman Larry Ellison's pledge to aggressively support Sun's MySQL database at OpenWorld last week, Michael "Monty" Widenius, MySQL's creator says Oracle should sell the open source database to a third...

September 30, 2009  2:11 PM

Does Larry care about Oracle customers?

Posted by: Shayna Garlick
Ellison, Oracle development, Oracle-Sun deal

When it comes to his company, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is clearly ‘in it to win it' - but for whom? One could justifiably assume it's for his customers who spend millions on Oracle's products and services, but as Information Week's Bob Evans points out in his

September 22, 2009  8:07 PM

Ellison hopes the EU won’t Sunset his hardware business

Posted by: Ed Scannell
cloud computing, Exadata Database Machine 2, MySQL, Oracle, Oracle-Sun deal

Speaking at a dinner hosted by a non-profit group in San Jose last night, Oracle chairman Larry Ellison confirmed what we wrote earlier this month: The European Union's...

September 15, 2009  11:40 PM

Oracle, Sun roll out Exadata 2

Posted by: Ed Scannell
Exadata Database Machine, Oracle-Sun deal

Even as the European Union continues to dig into the validity of Oracle's $7.4 billion proposed acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Oracle chairman Larry Ellison showed off the first product jointly developed by the two companies, confidently calling it "the fastest machine ever built for data...

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