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Oracle acquisitions

October 18, 2010  8:56 PM

Rumors swirl around Oracle and EMC

Posted by: Shayna Garlick
EMC, Oracle acquisitions, Sun Microsystems

While in many ways we are still waiting to see how the Sun acquisition will change Oracle - for example,

July 27, 2010  2:48 PM

DTrace creator follows in footsteps of Phipps, Gosling with Oracle exit

Posted by: Shayna Garlick
Oracle acquisitions, Oracle and Java, Oracle open source, Oracle Sun, Oracle Sun Solaris

June 16, 2010  3:45 PM

Is the Oracle-Sun acquisition on the verge of failing?

Posted by: Shayna Garlick
Oracle acquisitions, Oracle-Sun deal, Sun Microsystems

The last person who would want to hear ‘Sun acquisition' and ‘fail' in the same sentence is Larry Ellison.  But if revelations continue to emerge about the possibility of the Sun merger not being the success Ellison had planned for, it may be hard for him to avoid. Larry is no newcomer to...

June 3, 2010  2:19 PM

IOUG president on Oracle acquisitions, changing contracts and licensing

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Indepedent Oracle Users Group, Oracle acquisitions, Oracle licensing

Andrew Flower New Independent Oracle Users...

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May 20, 2010  8:01 PM

Oracle continues buying spree with acquisition of Secerno

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Oracle acquisitions, Oracle database security, Secerno

Last year Oracle made six acquisitions. With an announcement today that it plans to close on the purchase of database firewall provider Secerno in June, Oracle will make six acquisitions in just the first half of 2010. The big one...

May 14, 2010  1:23 PM

SAP’s Sybase deal: A jump into the mobile market or a dig at Oracle?

Posted by: Shayna Garlick
Larry Ellison, Oracle acquisitions

SAP has had no problem criticizing Oracle's growth strategy for favoring acquisition over innovation.  However, we recently questioned whether that opinion would change with two new SAP CEOs in the picture. Co-CEO Bill McDermott, who...

April 7, 2010  1:35 PM

Oracle and Sun: Read the fine print

Posted by: Barney Beal
Oracle acquisitions, Oracle hardware decisions, Oracle-Sun deal

If you tuned in to Oracle's four-hour webcast on its plans for Sun in the wake of the acquisition, you may have strained to hear what

March 17, 2010  3:51 PM

If SAP builds it, will they come?

Posted by: Shayna Garlick
Larry Ellison, Oracle acquisitions

Oracle recently made one of its biggest and boldest advancements as a company with an acquisition -- the buyout of Sun Microsystems. The deal handed the software giant a handful of industry jewels including Java,...

March 10, 2010  4:37 PM

Sun’s Simon Phipps bids Oracle adieu

Posted by: Ed Scannell
open source, Oracle acquisitions, Sun Microsystems

November 20, 2009  5:51 PM

The EU grants Oracle another six days to prepare its case on MySQL

Posted by: Shayna Garlick
Oracle acquisitions, Oracle-Sun deal

The European Union (EU) has not been making Oracle's acquisition of Sun an easy one, putting the "acquisition machine" in quite a different situation than it's used to. The deal,...

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