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Larry Ellison

December 27, 2012  4:13 PM

What Larry Ellison wants in 2013

Posted by: Lena Weiner
Larry Ellison, Oracle

Once again, Hanukkah and Christmas have come and gone, and with them, much of the 2012 gift-giving season, although it should be noted that Kwanzaa began yesterday and won't be over until January 1, and some folks still enjoy the...

December 18, 2012  9:41 PM

Oracle revenue up 3%, but hardware revenue continues slide

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Ellison, Exadata, Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, Oracle hardware, Oracle revenue, Oracle server hardware

Oracle just released its quarterly financial statement showing that revenue was up 3% this past quarter, with software revenue up 17% and support revenue and license updates up 7%. But hardware products and support continued their revenue decline. They brought in $1.3 billion, down 16% since the...

November 7, 2012  11:45 PM

Four more years: What it means for Oracle and the Silicon Valley

Posted by: Lena Weiner
election 2012, Larry Ellison, Oracle, Silicon Valley, wealth

If you're a news and politics junkie like me, you probably stumbled into work more than a bit groggy this morning, possibly also a tad hung over, either because...

October 3, 2012  2:46 PM

Oracle Fusion Applications breakdown

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Fusion applications, Larry Ellison

SAN FRANCISCO - Oracle CEO Larry Ellison showed some interesting Fusion Applications pie charts during his second keynote at Oracle OpenWorld on Tuesday. Basically it was a breakdown of all current Fusion...

March 23, 2012  6:12 PM

Larry Ellison’s new toy in New Zealand

Posted by: Lena Weiner
Larry Ellison, oracle racing

Most people have hobbies of some sort. Some people build model cars. Others enjoy knitting. But Larry Ellison owns a very expensive milling machine in New Zealand and uses it to build ships. On March 22, the Poseidon, a $1 million milling machine (New Zealand’s largest), cut through a red...

March 8, 2012  4:32 PM

Larry Ellison demoted to 7th wealthiest person on earth

Posted by: Lena Weiner
Larry Ellison, wealth

Bad news for Larry Ellison- He’s no longer among the top five richest people on earth, and will have to settle for the slightly less luxurious position of number seven, according to Bloomberg’s most

February 27, 2012  8:16 PM

Larry Ellison — Philanthropist?

Posted by: Lena Weiner
charitable contributions, giving pledge, Larry Ellison, philanthropy

When you think of philanthropic CEOs, who crosses your mind? Bill and Melinda Gates? Sir Richard Branson? Mark Zuckerberg, perhaps? Larry Ellison usually doesn’t even register. Equities.com has released their list of the

August 11, 2010  2:24 PM

Oracle’s Larry Ellison defends his tennis buddy Mark Hurd

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Larry Ellison

Tech media has been ablaze the past few days with the news of Mark Hurd, who resigned as CEO of Hewlett-Packard Co. due to some alleged transgressions, including an...

July 27, 2010  3:26 PM

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison gets real paid, to the tune of $1.84 billion

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Larry Ellison

[caption id="attachment_955" align="alignright" width="172" caption="Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal"]

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May 14, 2010  1:23 PM

SAP’s Sybase deal: A jump into the mobile market or a dig at Oracle?

Posted by: Shayna Garlick
Larry Ellison, Oracle acquisitions

SAP has had no problem criticizing Oracle's growth strategy for favoring acquisition over innovation.  However, we recently questioned whether that opinion would change with two new SAP CEOs in the picture. Co-CEO Bill McDermott, who...

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