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May 15 2007   12:04PM GMT

SQL Developer vs. PL/SQL Developer

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

The topic of SQL development tools is consistently a hugely popular one both here on the blog and on SearchOracle.com. (See “Oracle unveils free SQL Developer: Has Toad met its match?” and “Oracle SQL Developer vs. Toad: Users speak out” for examples.)

For yet another take on this issue, check out Patrick Wolf’s blog entry titled “What is your favorite PL/SQL development environment?

Patrick’s is PL/SQL Developer from Allround Automtations. Why does he prefer this editor to Toad or SQL Developer? Because, he says, it’s focused on PL/SQL development. What makes it different from the other tools is “the code complete/code insight/auto complete” capability. While Toad and SQL Developer also have this feature, it’s basic and only works for tables and views, whereas PL/SQL Developer’s equivalent works for local variables, packages, procedures, parameters and so on, a big time-saver.

Patrick concedes that DBAs will probably always prefer Toad/SQL Developer, but he urges PL/SQL developers to try out this tool.

Developers, what are your thoughts on SQL Developer vs. PL/SQL Developer?


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  • JR Peck
    As the first article says - the price is right on sql developer. I think this, combined with the rapid improvement of the software will enable it to win out in the end. SQL Developer is the best program I have found for Linux - aside from the price, and linux is my preferred platform. The ease of developing extensions is also a big plus. The SQL Developer folks have some catching up to do, but if the last 9 months or so are any indication, they will be a front runner before long.
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  • kannan
    I would truly rate 'PL/SQL Developer' way ahead of TOAD and SQL Developer - for ease of use and as Patrick says it is focussed on PL/SQL development. It also has a clean, uncluttered interface with all the required features which makes is higly appealing. - kannan, NZ
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  • BJCooperIT
    Hands down, PL/SQL Developer is the best editor for developers. Toad was designed as a tool for DBAs, but PL/SQL Developer was designed specifically to aid development work. You cannot beat the price or the service from Allround Automations. They have online forums to ask questions, resolve problems and they DO respond to posts, usually within 24 hours. They also offer free plug-ins that add functionality. You can even get a powerful reporting tool, Query Reporter, that offers SQL/HTML reporting - free! You can customize the editor the way it suits you and set preferences for company standards such as indentions and uppercase/lowercase. If my client doesn't have this tool, I bring my copy because I do not want to be without it.
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  • Willem
    If you are serious about SQL and PL/SQL development then Allround Automations' PL/SQL Developer is the tool to have.
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  • Rolland
    Hi PL/SQL Developer form Allround Automation is the best tool specially designed for PL/SQL developers. I recommend it highly. It has all the features a professional IDE for Java and C++ has.
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  • Dennis
    As a daily user of PL/SQL Developer for the past 18 months I cannot sing its praises loud enough. It has been a highly effective tool during the development of hundreds of pl/sql programs and sql scripts. The program is very reliable, I've experience bugs/crashes very infrequently (
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  • Chubby
    I vote for TOAD. It comes with Knowledge Xpert which I think is the best Help file. It is not only good for DBA, but also for developer. Bug tracking is good also. PL/SQL Developer? maybe just 80% of it.
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