Eye on Oracle:

December, 2012


December 27, 2012  4:13 PM

What Larry Ellison wants in 2013

Posted by: Lena Weiner
Larry Ellison, Oracle

Once again, Hanukkah and Christmas have come and gone, and with them, much of the 2012 gift-giving season, although it should be noted that Kwanzaa began yesterday and won't be over until January 1, and some folks still enjoy the...

December 20, 2012  6:22 PM

Why NoSQL, why now?

Posted by: Lena Weiner

On Monday, Oracle announced the release of the next generation of its NoSQL database, delivering multiple upgrades users have been buzzing about since 1.0 came out. New functionalities include...

December 18, 2012  9:41 PM

Oracle revenue up 3%, but hardware revenue continues slide

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Ellison, Exadata, Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, Oracle hardware, Oracle revenue, Oracle server hardware

Oracle just released its quarterly financial statement showing that revenue was up 3% this past quarter, with software revenue up 17% and support revenue and license updates up 7%. But hardware products and support continued their revenue decline. They brought in $1.3 billion, down 16% since the...

December 13, 2012  8:25 PM

How (un)secure is MySQL, anyway?

Posted by: Lena Weiner

One of the reasons why IT pros choose big-name brand products from companies like Oracle is the security they assume comes with them. This isn't an in-house product whipped up by your college kid intern while he was simultaneously trying to write some term paper or something designed by a...

December 5, 2012  7:49 PM

Prediction for 2013: SMBs finally ascend to the cloud

Posted by: Lena Weiner
Cloud, Oracle

It's not too early for me to start making predictions for the New Year, is it? I've got one. It's becoming hard to imagine life without cloud computing in some form or another. You likely use


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