Eye on Oracle:

June, 2012


June 29, 2012  2:38 PM

The virtual partner event and the virtual peanut gallery

Posted by: Lena Weiner

Remember the old “You Will” ad campaign of 1993-1994 from AT&T? “Have you ever driven across the continent without asking directions? Put your kid to bed from a phone booth? Attended a corporate meeting from the beach while buried in the sand?

June 26, 2012  1:57 PM

Acquisition of Quest Software would fit Dell’s strategy

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Quest Software, Toad for Oracle

Many Oracle database administrators know Quest Software as the company that produces Toad, the popular third-party Oracle Database management tool. So how does it make sense that Dell,...

June 21, 2012  2:49 PM

HP vs Oracle: The drama continues

Posted by: Lena Weiner
HP vs. Oracle

Hewlett-Packard was scared. Terrified. Trembling. And why shouldn’t they have been, after seeing what happened to Sun only months before? That was the corporate reaction, apparently, when Hewlett-Packard leaders heard of Oracle hiring Mark Hurd. They immediately assumed the worst- a hostile...

June 18, 2012  11:47 PM

Does Oracle’s hardware story add up?

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Oracle server hardware

Not long after Oracle agreed to acquire Sun Microsystems in 2009, its hardware story went something like this: Commodity servers have low profit margins, while big servers that Oracle took to calling...

June 14, 2012  5:00 PM

Oracle: E-Business Suite users stay on Java 6 for now

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Java

Oracle issued an urgent bulletin yesterday afternoon warning Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) users to stay on Java 6 as Java 7 is not yet certified in EBS. "Until EBS is certified with (Java Runtime Engine) JRE 7, EBS users should not rely on the windows auto-update mechanism for their client...

June 7, 2012  5:06 PM

New version of Oracle database on the way?

Posted by: Lena Weiner
Oracle acquisitions, Oracle database

Ready for a new version of the Oracle Database? You might not have to wait too long. At last week’s AllThingsD conference,


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