Eye on Oracle:

May, 2012


May 31, 2012  5:19 PM

HP vs Oracle continues- No one wants to be exhibit A

Posted by: Lena Weiner
electronic discovery, HP vs. Oracle

Have you ever had the experience of going through someone’s email or chat logs and seeing something you later wished you hadn’t? There’s a legal version of this. It’s called

May 24, 2012  3:48 PM

On buying virtues

Posted by: Lena Weiner
Oracle acquisitions

Oracle does a lot of things very well - databases,

May 16, 2012  8:28 PM

Oracle in the cloud- better late than never

Posted by: Lena Weiner
Oracle cloud computing

Admitting you’re wrong is never easy. For someone like Larry Ellison, who more or less thinks he’s God (anyone ever tell you the difference between

May 10, 2012  3:09 PM

Need access to real-time, business critical info? Oracle wants to be your man

Posted by: Lena Weiner
Oracle business intelligence

You may have missed it among the flutter and buzz of the Oracle-Google verdict, but Oracle just released an exciting new app. For once, I’m not being...

May 3, 2012  3:07 PM

Oracle and SAP- friends again?

Posted by: Lena Weiner
Oracle vs. SAP

Are Oracle and SAP friends again? Well, maybe not friends (in fact, this article goes so far as to suggest they kind of still hate each other), but...


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