Eye on Oracle:

July, 2010


July 29, 2010  1:20 PM

Oracle name change to Java update causes problems

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Oracle and Java, Oracle-Sun deal

July 27, 2010  3:26 PM

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison gets real paid, to the tune of $1.84 billion

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Larry Ellison

[caption id="attachment_955" align="alignright" width="172" caption="Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal"]

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July 27, 2010  2:48 PM

DTrace creator follows in footsteps of Phipps, Gosling with Oracle exit

Posted by: Shayna Garlick
Oracle acquisitions, Oracle and Java, Oracle open source, Oracle Sun, Oracle Sun Solaris

July 22, 2010  2:21 PM

Bad news on Oracle-Sun hardware continues

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
oracle-sun server hardware

Almost half of Oracle-Sun hardware customers are leaving the platform or considering it, according to a recent survey. TheInfoPro will release its latest server survey results next month, and the results don't bode well for Oracle-Sun server hardware....

July 21, 2010  4:09 PM

Could Gartner be the key to an Oracle maintenance policy overhaul?

Posted by: Shayna Garlick
Oracle maintenance and support, Oracle support

July 20, 2010  12:05 AM

Oracle updates Coherence grid software for cloud computing

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
cloud computing, oracle coherence

Oracle has updated its Coherence in-memory data grid software, a product gaining some attention for its ability to scale applications for private and public cloud deployments.

July 14, 2010  2:14 PM

OpenSolaris governing board threatens to dissolve

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
OpenSolaris, Solaris

The OpenSolaris governing board, which includes members such as former Sun open source chief Simon Phipps, is threatening to dissolve unless Oracle appoints a liaison to the group. That decision came at a

July 13, 2010  1:40 PM

Oracle issues big security patch, almost half for Sun Solaris

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio

Oracle issued a critical security patch update today, with 21 of the 59 patches being for the Sun Solaris operating system. Some of the "vulnerability fixes," as Oracle calls them, affect...

July 7, 2010  2:35 PM

Oracle to face challenges in pushing customers to its complete stack

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
oracle modernization

According to a recent Gartner report on Oracle modernization (subscription needed), Oracle will continue to...

July 6, 2010  2:34 PM

MySQL founder Michael Widenius appeals EU’s decision on Oracle-Sun deal

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
MySQL, Oracle-Sun deal

Michael "Monty" Widenius, the founder and original developer of open...


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