Eye on Oracle:

August, 2007

August 29, 2007  11:09 AM

Users sound off on Oracle support

Posted by: Derek Kuhr
Managing an Oracle shop, Oracle database administration

Last week I asked Oracle users to write in and tell me what they think about Oracle's support services -- and boy did they comply. Here are three of my favorite comments that came in which range from a very bad...

August 28, 2007  10:37 AM

Oracle ACE program “almost completely worthless”

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
Oracle careers and certifications, Oracle database administration

Howard Rogers at Dizwell Informatics claims, with a sort-of apology to everyone he’s “unintentionally” insulting, that the Oracle ACE program, which used to mean something, “has been rendered

August 22, 2007  9:18 AM

Is Oracle supportive?

Posted by: Derek Kuhr
Managing an Oracle shop, Oracle applications, Oracle database administration

Over the past few months I've heard some mixed reviews from Oracle end users about Oracle's support services. Some folks I've spoken with say they get upset with certain Oracle support representatives who seem to be inexperienced. One person even went so far as to...

August 21, 2007  9:56 PM

Oracle bigger than Microsoft? The crowd responds

Posted by: Derek Kuhr
Managing an Oracle shop, Oracle applications, Oracle development

The question of whether Oracle will become bigger than Microsoft has Oracle users talking. And it was a bit  surprising to see so may

August 20, 2007  12:16 PM

Oracle on Linux vs. SQL Server on Windows?

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
Oracle database administration

Jack Loftus at the Enterprise Linux Log asks, “Does Oracle 11g mean more Linux?” I.e., why did Oracle choose to release the new Database 11g on Linux first? Sure, Linux is “here to...

August 15, 2007  10:05 AM

Oracle bigger than Microsoft?

Posted by: Derek Kuhr
Oracle applications, Oracle database administration

Oracle founder and CEO Larry Ellison had no shortage of things to talk about on his recent trip to Israel. Speaking to reporters, the outspoken head of industry said that open source software is no big threat, that Web 2.0 is more than...

August 14, 2007  10:08 AM

The market battleground

Posted by: Clinek
Managing an Oracle shop, Oracle database administration

On its home page a few weeks ago, Oracle highlighted new Gartner data showing that its DBMS has a 47.1% market share -- more than its two closest competitors combined and a healthy 15% increase in revenue from the previous...

August 9, 2007  1:21 PM

Spam filters are dumb

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
Oracle development

Several in the Oracle blogosphere (including Doug Burns, Niall Litchfield and

August 7, 2007  10:45 PM

Get your Oracle 11g white papers here

Posted by: Derek Kuhr
Oracle database administration

Oracle has posted a bunch of technical information and white papers about Oracle Database 11g, which should become available for the Linux platform sometime this month. Most of the Oracle 11g white papers can be found

August 7, 2007  12:54 PM

Top five reasons to upgrade your database

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
Managing an Oracle shop, Oracle database administration

A DBA recently wrote in to our Ask the Experts section with the following question:

How can I convince my top management that the time to upgrade all our production Oracle 9i ( databases to Oracle 10g is now? They are looking for the top five reasons to upgrade. How can I...

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