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May 15, 2008  11:33 AM

Microsoft Exchange Hub Transport Role

Posted by: B00M3R
Bridgehead Role, Bridgehead Server, Exchange, Hub Transport Role, Hub Transport Server Role, journaling policies, Microsoft Exchange Edge Transport Server Role, Microsoft Exchange Hub Transport Role, Microsoft HUB, The Hub Transport server, Transport Roles

The hub transport server role handles all e-mail flow inside the organisation, applies journaling policies, and delivers...

May 8, 2008  5:49 AM

Microsoft Exchange Edge Subscription Process

Posted by: B00M3R
ADAM, Edge Transport, Edge Transport Agents, Edge Transport Server Role, Exchange, Exchange front-end back-end, Exchange Roles, Exchange Server Roles 2007, Microsoft Edge Subscription Process

This post provides information about Edge Subscriptions and the EdgeSync synchronization process. Edge Subscriptions are used to populate the Active...

December 20, 2007  9:40 AM

Build numbers and release dates for Exchange Server

Posted by: B00M3R
Bridgehead Server, ESM, Exchange databases, Exchange Tracking Center, Information Store

How to tell what Exchange version you are using? Many of us know of course but Microsoft have build numbers to indentify exact builds. To find...

December 16, 2007  10:16 AM

Message tracking event IDs in Exchange Server 2003

Posted by: B00M3R
Exchange, Exchange Tracking Center, Mailboxes, Message logging, Message tracing, Microsoft Windows, Outlook, OWA, Windows Computing

Here are some of the event IDs that are logged to message tracking log files. You can enable message tracking logs to track or to troubleshoot the flow...

December 14, 2007  7:24 AM

Exchange Message Tracking – A Great Tool!!

Posted by: B00M3R
ESM, Exchange, Exchange Tracking Center, Message logging, Message tracing, Microsoft Windows, Mobile

Exchange has a great feature called message tracking that enables you to track messages. It works for both...

December 13, 2007  11:54 AM

Uninstall Exchange Server 2003

Posted by: B00M3R
Bridgehead Server, Exchange, Exchange databases, Information Store, Mailboxes, Outlook, OWA, Public folders, Routing Groups, RUS, Transaction logs

Firstly I need to apologize for the delay between posts, I have been attending to some business which kept me away and will...


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