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May 1, 2007  8:35 AM

BIND 9.4.1 now available

Posted by: ITKE

BIND 9.4.1 now availableIf you're into DNS and BIND, then today's...

April 24, 2007  2:44 PM

Tux about to hit 200+ MPH

Posted by: ITKE
Linux blogs and news, Uncategorized

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April 17, 2007  10:23 PM

Linux fragmentation OK for users, not for businesses

Posted by: ITKE

Ubuntu's popularity has both spurred and belittled concerns about there being too many enterprise-level Linux distributions. On the one hand, freedom of choice is a cornerstone of the Linux/open source philosophy. On the other, too many distros making operating system choices difficult for...

March 27, 2007  9:41 AM

OpenDocument Format Alliance celebrates one year anniversary

Posted by: ITKE
Legal, licensing issues, Uncategorized

I used to cover the OpenDocument Format in spades over at SearchEnterpriseLinux.com, but things have been a bit quiet on that front for a while, at least from our site's coverage of it anyway. But the slow boil that is ODF (an open...

March 22, 2007  7:04 AM

Red Hat’s new one-page SLA in pictures

Posted by: ITKE
Linux basics, Red Hat, Uncategorized

Are you curious what a service level agreement looks like after its been through the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 SLA wringer?

February 27, 2007  6:23 PM

Linux on Dell desktops: Too little, too late?

Posted by: ITKE

Reacting to the announcement that Dell will probably pre-load Linux on PCs, blogger Thilak asks a question Linux users have asked for over a decade: "Why pay for Windows when you don’t need it?" Thilak is a...

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