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August 2, 2007  1:30 PM

OpenSolaris users group meeting

Posted by: ITKE
Other enterprise distributions, sun microsystems, Uncategorized

Just a few more comments about the OpenSolaris users-group meeting I attended recently. First, I will say that I was impressed with the turnout and the overall presentation as put together by SUN. Clearly, SUN is trying to help the OpenSolaris community in a big way. Truthfully, I'm a little...

June 27, 2007  9:29 AM

Microsoft Security Response Center rated one of the worst jobs in science

Posted by: ITKE
Linux versus Windows, Microsoft, Security, Uncategorized

This is one of those posts that's provided as some gratuitous schadenfreund for Linux advocates out there, so just sit back and enjoy the show... It seems today that Popular Science recently rated Microsoft's Security...

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June 27, 2007  9:01 AM

Expert asks, “Are two Windows drivers worth more than SLES 10?”

Posted by: ITKE
SUSE/Novell, Uncategorized, Virtualization, Windows, Xen

It appears I've been had. I reported last week that Novell alleged it was "first to market" with drivers for Windows and Linux that plug into Xen’s fast paravirtualized I/O stack. Simon...

June 19, 2007  11:50 AM

No patent deal possible, says Red Hat and Ubuntu (and now Mandriva too)

Posted by: ITKE
Legal, licensing issues, Linux versus Windows, Microsoft, Red Hat, SUSE/Novell, Ubuntu Linux, Uncategorized

We predicted that the Linspire-Microsoft deal was no big deal at all to Linux this week over at SearchEnterpriseLinux.com with the help of analyst Gordon Haff, but today it's official: Red...

June 18, 2007  3:51 PM

Linux and the “support barrier” — where do things stand?

Posted by: ITKE
Administration, interoperability and integration, Debian, Linux basics, Open source applications, Red Hat, support, SUSE/Novell, Ubuntu Linux, Uncategorized

Linux and open source software supportEarlier...

June 15, 2007  7:46 AM

Posted by: ITKE
Linux humor, Uncategorized

Linux humor Hat tip to Mark F. for this Linux

June 12, 2007  9:16 AM

Does Linus speak the truth?

Posted by: ITKE
Administration, interoperability and integration, Legal, licensing issues, Linux versus Windows, SUSE/Novell, Uncategorized

Linus Torvalds and the GPLv3

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June 11, 2007  3:57 PM

Quick Link: Mark Shuttleworth on Ubuntu’s success

Posted by: ITKE

This is just a quick link to a ComputerWorld interview with Mark Shuttleworth detailing the success of Ubuntu to close out...

June 7, 2007  10:45 AM

Alienation Nation: Is the GPL turning off developers?

Posted by: ITKE
Legal, licensing issues, Uncategorized

Slashdot commenter captnitrino:

My drive is in writing code, and being able to look at other code that has what I want, plain and simple. In that sense, the GPL made it easy to do those two things: all...

May 9, 2007  12:06 PM

AMD will deliver open graphics drivers

Posted by: ITKE
Hardware issues, Red Hat, Uncategorized

AMD will soon deliver open graphics drivers, said Henri Richard just a few minutes ago, and the audience at the opening keynote of the Red Hat Summit broke into applause and cheers. Richard, AMD's executive vice president of sales and marketing, promised: "I'm here to commit to you that it's...

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