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November 19, 2007  9:14 AM

Ubuntu JeOS available today

Posted by: ITKE
Ubuntu Linux, Virtualization

Ubuntu JeOSIt arrived a tad later than expected, but today the...

November 13, 2007  12:52 PM

Tutorial on Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) Samba standalone server with tdbsam back end

Posted by: ITKE
Administration, interoperability and integration, Samba, tips, Ubuntu Linux

From HowtoForge comes a timely tip and tutorial about the installation of a Samba fileserver on Ubuntu 7.10. The tutorial, submitted by Falko Timme, a system developer based in Germany, also lists how...

November 9, 2007  11:04 AM

Does Ubuntu’s documentation stink?

Posted by: ITKE
Dell, support, Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu documentationIt's a day of blog...

November 2, 2007  9:21 AM

Ubuntu Hardy Huron to limit new features, boost existing ones

Posted by: ITKE
Ubuntu Linux

As far as the desktop side of things are concerned, the next Ubuntu update, code named Hardy Huron, will forgo major functionality additions and instead focus on boosting what's already in the operating system. Ars technica, reporting from the Ubuntu Developer Summit, said "the primary goal for...

October 19, 2007  11:50 AM

Is the Ubuntu team stretched too thin?

Posted by: ITKE
Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu 7.10, the latest release of one of the most popular Linux desktop distributions, is getting a hero's welcome as a reliable desktop and as

October 17, 2007  3:20 PM

Ubuntu’s unplanned delay tally, all-time: One week

Posted by: ITKE
Ubuntu Linux

Did you know that, if combined, all of the days that Ubuntu was "late" (i.e., didn't launch exactly six months after the previous release), it would add up to only about a week? It's true! Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth told me so during a conference call this week announcing the

October 11, 2007  2:06 PM

Gutsy Gibbon does not mean pre-installed Ubuntu on the server

Posted by: ITKE
Hardware issues, Ubuntu Linux

As is becoming a regular occurrence these days, it seems, a few news outlets out there this week are starting to beat the "Ubuntu pre-installed on the server" drum again as the 7.10 release of that operating system draws near (it's Oct. 18, fyi). If I sound unimpressed, it's not because I don't...

October 3, 2007  7:49 AM

Ubuntu Gustsy Gibbon and Firefox update

Posted by: ITKE
Open source applications, tips, Ubuntu Linux

Some commentary on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon and Firefox from SearchEnterpriseLinux.com reader C.K.:

I have an update to the FF3 in Ubuntu item; I was reading

September 27, 2007  10:43 AM

Ubuntu bests Jesus — Apocalypse imminent?!

Posted by: ITKE
Linux humor, Ubuntu Linux

So, dear readers, who is more popular: A Linux distribution with a funky name or a funky fella who could supposedly turn water into wine and walk on water? If you answered Ubuntu, then give yourself a star. If you answered Jesus, then you were right last year, but Google Trends has proved you...

September 21, 2007  9:35 AM

Apples or oranges? What is JeOS?

Posted by: ITKE
Ubuntu Linux, Virtualization, VMware

JeOSAre you planning on juicing anytime soon? How...

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