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May 19, 2008  12:08 PM

Novell slapped with suit for new mini-OS

Posted by: Dkr
Enterprise applications for Linux, Linux blogs and news, Open source applications, SELinux, SUSE/Novell, TechTarget Blogs

Astrum Inc., a software security company in Carrollton, Texas, has filed suit against Novell Inc. Astrum claims that Novell violated its contract regarding development of the mini-operating system appliance that Novell...

May 9, 2008  6:59 AM

Ubuntu: Smells Like Team Spirit

Posted by: Suzanne Wheeler
Administration, interoperability and integration, Enterprise applications for Linux, Linux blogs and news, Linux humor, TechTarget Blogs, Ubuntu Linux

If a Linux distribution is not named after a Red Hat, does it still exist? Do sports teams improve their chances with Linux-inspired monikers? Do Linux administrators need to learn fencing to keep up with the tech industry? No, I'm not trying to throw you back into the fog that was the college...

May 7, 2008  10:05 AM

Ubuntu’s Hardy Heron nests at Fox News

Posted by: Dkr
Linux blogs and news, SELinux, TechTarget Blogs, Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu may not be a household word, but the increasingly popular Linux operating system is no stranger at Fox News. A Ubuntu blogger who complained that he couldn't view video on FoxNews.com got a personal response from David Denis, Fox News...

April 30, 2008  9:08 AM

Open source events are popping up in Beantown

Posted by: Dkr
Linux blogs and news, Open source applications, open standards, TechTarget Blogs, Uncategorized, user group announcements

It must be the warmer weather. Ubuntu happenings are springing up everywhere in Boston. Just five days after Boston fans gathered at an upscale downtown nightspot to celebrate the release of Hardy Heron, Ubuntu's latest operating system, a local...

April 18, 2008  3:46 PM

Sun kisses and makes up

Posted by: Dkr
Hardware issues, Linux blogs and news, Open source Solaris, sun microsystems, TechTarget Blogs

Sun Microsystems Inc. just did a smart about-face.
According to well-known open source analyst and blogger Bill Weinberg, a few years ago Sun...

February 19, 2008  9:46 AM

Installing Google Desktop on Linux

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Administration, interoperability and integration, desktops, Linux desktops, TechTarget Blogs

For individuals who have used Google Desktop in the Windows world, having the tool available on Linux may ease the transition to a new desktop operating system. I started using the Google Desktop on my Linux system. This...

January 1, 2008  9:32 PM

Enterprise streaming media? Sure, and on virtual Linux systems!

Posted by: Rick Vanover
CentOS, Linux basics, Rick Vanover, TechTarget Blogs, Virtualization

Many IT shops have strict policies prohibiting the storage of multimedia content on shared systems. Issues over copyrighted content and inappropriate material pose many problems. However, more business products offer various content in audio or video media. These can be training videos, quality...

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