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March 19, 2007  10:23 AM

Making Linux pretty, revisited

Posted by: ITKE
Linux desktops, SUSE/Novell, Ubuntu Linux

We tend to focus on the server side of the Linux world here at SearchEnterpriseLinux.com, but every once and a while the desktop gets some face time. Back in October, I wrote about how Ubuntu...

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March 13, 2007  3:27 PM

Novell/Microsoft gives a hint about ID management roadmap

Posted by: ITKE
Administration, interoperability and integration, SUSE/Novell

In his latest blog entry over at Novell, CTO and Scattergories double word score Jeff Jaffe puts down a little more pavement for the interoperability roadmap between Novell and Microsoft. Jaffe said at this stage Novell is focused on "walking...

March 11, 2007  12:58 AM

Linux desktops: Wiping the shine off Microsoft Vista?

Posted by: ITKE
Linux desktops, Other enterprise distributions, Red Hat, SUSE/Novell

Some Linux vendors talk about the opportunities presented by the release (finally) of Microsoft Vista. While others talk, HP developed a game plan and is scoring points. HP is now touting its success in the Linux desktop market, and Dell -- reading the writing in the IDC stats and on its blog -- is...

March 1, 2007  1:51 PM

What goes into a Linux kernel patch?

Posted by: ITKE
Linux basics, Red Hat, SUSE/Novell

LWN.net has an interesting look today at who had a crack at (and who had the biggest crack at) patching up the Linux kernel for version 2.6.20. If...

February 28, 2007  2:11 PM

Of Linux migrations and interoperability with Windows

Posted by: ITKE
Administration, interoperability and integration, Enterprise applications for Linux, Linux basics, Linux desktops, Linux versus Windows, SUSE/Novell

Complete ousters of an operating system from any IT environment are pretty rare in this day and age of heterogeneous data centers, but I managed to find one in Northern California at the Windsor Unified School District. The IT staff there was tasked by school...

February 26, 2007  3:49 PM

Novell talks interoperability beyond Windows and Linux

Posted by: ITKE
Administration, interoperability and integration, Legal, licensing issues, Linux versus Windows, SUSE/Novell

Novell's Jeff Jaffe must have heard we have a new blog, because today he made a post about interoperability that played right into our laps. Just for some background, Novell and Microsoft partnered up late last year and promised the union would...

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