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Rick Vanover

February 13, 2008  2:15 PM

Installing Opera 9.25 on RHEL 4

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Administration, interoperability and integration, desktops, Red Hat, Rick Vanover

If you are like me, you are passionate about your browser preferences. Lately, I have been installing Opera 9.25 as my browser...

February 5, 2008  11:42 AM

Mobile Linux platform coming to a phone near you

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Enterprise applications for Linux, Open source applications, Rick Vanover

The up-and-coming LiMo Foundation recently announced that, in March of 2008, a Linux-based platform for mobile computing platform will be available.

February 4, 2008  12:53 PM

Rsyncrypto for encrypted remote file synchronization

Posted by: Rick Vanover
CentOS, Rick Vanover, Security

When you need to keep files on a remote system synchronized, you want to protect its contents should it end up in the wrong hands. You can use rsync to keep the contents up to date, but natively no encryption method is used. 

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February 4, 2008  12:14 PM

Ubuntu version 8.04 will feature 2.6.24 kernel

Posted by: Rick Vanover
kernel news, Rick Vanover, Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu server version 8.04 (which is currently available in alpha 4, released on February 2 as Hardy Heron) will feautre the

January 29, 2008  9:42 AM

Cleversafe presents distributed storage for datacenters

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Enterprise applications for Linux, Rick Vanover

While computing in general is in the midst of smassive change with regards to virtualization, 64-bit computing available to Linux and Windows platforms, processing cores and very high RAM quantities, storage is about to go through something big as well, thanks to

January 28, 2008  12:15 PM

Ubuntu hardy alpha 4 release coming January 31

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover, Ubuntu Linux, Updates and upgrades

We have good news for those awaiting the next version of Ubuntu Linux. The next version for the Ubuntu 8 platform, alpha release 4, is to be relased on January 31, 2008, and the list of bugs is getting smaller every day. Some of the new features for alpha 4 include using

January 22, 2008  9:24 AM

Linux-compatible server options expand

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Administration, interoperability and integration, Enterprise applications for Linux, Rick Vanover, support

I was faced with the decision to implement an additional system on the RHEL 4.x series, or make our first jump to the version 5 releases. I decided to have this additional system to stay on RHEL 4.x because of our support situation. As admins are aware, there are many factors that affect a decision...

January 17, 2008  12:03 PM

RHEL installation hang-ups and virtual media fun

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Administration, interoperability and integration, Hardware issues, Red Hat, Rick Vanover

I had an opportunity this week to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.5 (64-bit version) for a system running a specialized vendor application. I'd like to share my frustration with you so that you can avoid such learning experiences in your future server builds. 

On a Dell PowerEdge...

January 14, 2008  10:27 AM

Server platform consistency for Linux systems

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Administration, interoperability and integration, Dell, HP, Linux versus Windows, Rick Vanover

Today's top server hardware vendors have expanded the line of Linux compatible server systems. HP and Dell, for example, have Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Novell SUSE Enterprise Linux available as OEM build installations, the same hardware that a Windows server can be built on. As...

January 11, 2008  11:05 AM

Making the case for JeOS

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Administration, interoperability and integration, Linux versus Windows, Rick Vanover, Ubuntu Linux

I recently tried out a test system with an Ubuntu Server 7.10 JeOS build. The JeOS (Just Enough Operating System, pronounced "juice" ) concept for Linux works well if one needs just enough to run a test...

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