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November 29, 2007  2:13 PM

Oracle VM and the Linux virtualization revolution

Posted by: ITKE
Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Virtualization, VMware, Xen

A few weeks ago, Oracle unveiled its new virtual machine (VM) product, Oracle VM, based on the Xen hypervisor. But why is Oracle introducing its own VM when it already has the...

November 13, 2007  10:08 AM

Oracle VM: Shaking up the OS world

Posted by: ITKE
Microsoft, Oracle Linux, Red Hat, Virtualization

While VMware's stock dropped anotherĀ 6 points yesterday, losing aboutĀ one-third of its trading value in the past two weeks, Oracle's stock soared after investors rushed to buy following the database giant's

November 12, 2007  10:03 AM

Oracle VM takes on everyone

Posted by: ITKE
Oracle Linux, Virtualization

News broke this morning that Oracle is entering the virtualization space with Oracle VM. Toes were stepped on, canned analyst comments were issued via press release, and the virtualization space once again proved that it is hot, hot, hot and has no intention of settling down just yet. According to...

October 26, 2007  11:28 AM

Oracle Unbreakable Linux program having no effect down under

Posted by: ITKE
Oracle Linux, Red Hat, support

When we first wrote about the Oracle Unbreakable Linux support program late last year, Red Hat Enterprise Linux users appeared ready to at least give it a look. The program, officially announced in October 2006, promised deep discounts for Red Hat users that opted to go to Oracle -- not Red Hat --...

August 14, 2007  9:39 AM

Does Oracle 11g mean more Linux?

Posted by: ITKE
Database, Oracle Linux, Uncategorized, Windows

Oracle 11g and LinuxOracle announced today the general...

July 12, 2007  10:22 AM

Oracle 11g will be made available first on Linux

Posted by: ITKE
Oracle Linux

Oracle made some news within news yesterday during its webcast for the launch of Oracle 11g. The official unveiling of 11g would have been more than enough to garner some headlines, but Oracle took things a step farther. During a Q&A following the event we discovered that 11g would come out...

June 6, 2007  10:04 AM

Slashdot readers dish out SELinux advice

Posted by: ITKE
Oracle Linux, Red Hat, Security, SELinux

225_selinux.jpgThere's some cool commentary going on

May 17, 2007  5:43 PM

Red Hat, SUSE, CentOS? Tough choices for open source fans

Posted by: ITKE
Open source Solaris, Oracle Linux, Red Hat, SUSE/Novell

Usually, very practical factors determine product choices for IT managers. When it comes to Linux and open source products, however, emotions -- particularly conscience and loyalty -- battle with reason. While writing about

April 26, 2007  12:35 PM

Partners on Oracle Enterprise Linux: *YAWN*

Posted by: ITKE
Oracle Linux, Red Hat

Oracle PartnersJust a quick follow up on yesterday's...

April 24, 2007  3:47 PM

Oracle Enterprise Linux now supported on Oracle PartnerNetwork

Posted by: ITKE
Oracle Linux, Red Hat

It would appear as though the mild momentum we reported on earlier in the month regarding Oracle's support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux has not...

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