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November 1, 2011  2:24 PM

SUSE unveils OpenStack cloud solution, rips Red Hat

Posted by: Nick Martin
Cloud Forms, Linux, open source, OpenShift, OpenStack, Red Hat, SUSE Cloud, SUSE Enterprise Linux

Earlier this month SUSE became the latest company to jump on the OpenStack bandwagon, announcing it would release an early development version of its SUSE Cloud.  That bandwagon is starting to get crowded now, with heavyweights like

October 11, 2011  1:53 PM

Open source office suites: LibreOffice takes on OpenOffice

Posted by: Nick Martin
LibreOffice, open source, OpenOffice

It has now been one year since The Document Foundation (TDF) announced the LibreOffice project, and by all counts, the open source software suite is flourishing. After just one year, TDF estimates that there are now 25 million LibreOffice users worldwide.

October 4, 2011  1:50 PM

Red Hat acquires Gluster: The Red Hat of storage

Posted by: Leah Rosin
Cloud computing, Linux, open source, Red Hat

Today, Red Hat announced the acquisition of Gluster, Inc., an open source storage solution provider specializing in the management of big data. Red Hat paid $136 million for the storage file system company, and hopes to bolster its presence in big data...

September 29, 2011  4:41 PM

Tizen: Another mobile OS from the Linux Foundation

Posted by: Leah Rosin
HTML5, Intel, Linux, Linux Foundation, MeeGo, Nokia N9, open source, Qt, Samsung, Tizen, webOS

I was a little flummoxed to read about the launch of Tizen, a new open source mobile and device operating system based on Linux. Earlier this month I

September 9, 2011  4:31 PM

MeeGo? Speculation about the OS abounds

Posted by: Leah Rosin
Android, Intel, Linux Foundation, MeeGo, Nokia, open source

I've been wondering (aloud at times), about the future of the MeeGo OS. I was there at OSCON and LinuxCon and the Linux Collaboration Summit in 2010 when it was hyped. The Intel partnership with Nokia to merge

August 24, 2011  4:35 PM

Eucalyptus 3 boasts HA capabilities

Posted by: Leah Rosin
Cloud computing, Eucalyptus 3, Eucalyptus Systems, high availability, open source

Eucalyptus Systems today announced the upcoming launch of Eucalyptus 3, the third iteration of its open source on-premise IaaS cloud computing software. The software will be...

August 12, 2011  5:36 PM

Developers worry about the future of MySQL conferences

Posted by: Leah Rosin
MySQL, open source

MySQL has gone through a bit of turmoil, and we have reported on some of the efforts to

July 29, 2011  5:09 PM

Health care systems need open source help

Posted by: Leah Rosin
healthcare, open source, OSCON 2011

PORTLAND, ORE. -- Every year I go to OSCON and am amused by the wild hair, impressed with the depth of passion and geekery, and inspired by some really big open source initiatives that people are collaboratively pursuing. This year was no different. There was

July 28, 2011  3:24 PM

Open source cloud computing advances at OSCON

Posted by: Leah Rosin
Cloud computing, Facebook, Leah Rosin, Nebula, Open Compute Project, open source, OpenStack, OSCON 2011, private cloud

PORTLAND, ORE. -- Just a year after OpenStack was formed by Rackspace and NASA, OSCON welcomed the debut of Nebula.

July 28, 2011  1:53 PM

OSCON Data attracts upstart DB companies

Posted by: Leah Rosin
Database, MySQL, open source, Oracle

PORTLAND, ORE. -- At OSCON today it became glaringly obvious what the big push at the conference is besides cloud: Data. For the first time, OSCON Data is colocated with the main conference. The event is a gathering for developers...

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