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August 12, 2011  5:36 PM

Developers worry about the future of MySQL conferences

Posted by: Leah Rosin
MySQL, open source

MySQL has gone through a bit of turmoil, and we have reported on some of the efforts to

July 28, 2011  1:53 PM

OSCON Data attracts upstart DB companies

Posted by: Leah Rosin
Database, MySQL, open source, Oracle

PORTLAND, ORE. -- At OSCON today it became glaringly obvious what the big push at the conference is besides cloud: Data. For the first time, OSCON Data is colocated with the main conference. The event is a gathering for developers...

July 1, 2011  3:45 PM

EnterpriseDB open source database compatibility expands

Posted by: Leah Rosin
Database, EnterpriseDB, HP-UX, Intel Itanium, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, open source, Oracle, PostGreSQL

In another swipe at Oracle, EnterpriseDB has released Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.0 which includes support for the HP-UX operating environment. This feature is obviously intended to lure...

April 21, 2009  6:13 PM

Open source community reacts to Oracle-Sun deal

Posted by: Leah Rosin
Innobase, Java, MySQL, open source, Open source Solaris, Oracle, PostGreSQL, sun microsystems

Yesterday’s news that Oracle had entered an agreement to buy Sun sent a bit of a shock wave through the open source community. After weeks of pondering what an IBM buyout of Sun would mean, the IT community now had an entirely different scenario unfolding. The news was the first thing I...

April 17, 2008  10:27 AM

VIPs’ drop-ins delight MySQL dinner guests

Posted by: Dkr
Enterprise applications for Linux, MySQL, sun microsystems, Uncategorized

At the MySQL conference in Santa Clara, Calif., Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz and Rich Green, Sun's senior vice president of software, dropped in unexpectedly in an informal dinner organized...

January 17, 2008  1:50 PM

A bright future for MySQL

Posted by: Dkr
MySQL, sun microsystems

The recent acquisition of open source database vendor MySQL by software supergiant Sun Microsystems has many asking if this is a good thing. SearchEnterpriseLinux.com expert Don Rosenberg thinks so. He tells the Enterprise Linux Log why he agrees with Andrew Kutz that this might be the best...

January 16, 2008  4:14 PM

The best open-source SQL server under the sun?

Posted by: Akutz
Andrew Kutz, MySQL, sun microsystems

SELECT company FROM mysql INNER JOIN sun ON mysql.about_time = sun.smart_move By now most people have heard the news: Sun is acquiring MySQL. I was sharing the announcement with co-workers when one of them said that it is old news. He apparently heard about it last night or this morning. But as...

May 3, 2007  8:49 AM

Database market is exploding, but how about MySQL?

Posted by: ITKE

MySQLJames Governor over at MonkChips (a...

April 30, 2007  12:41 PM

Enterprise Linux recap, week of April 23

Posted by: ITKE
MySQL, PostGreSQL, Red Hat, tips

The buzz from March's Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 announcement has seeped into the end of April, it would seem, as this week's recap is all about RHEL 5:

Oracle Linux gets backing from EMC, others It was another small...

April 10, 2007  9:53 AM

How not to manage a MySQL query

Posted by: ITKE
MySQL, tips

Poorly written queries will run slowly in MySQL. There's really no way around it, but a slew of posts over at Digg.com are trying anyway. One blogger named Mike that I found today takes them all to task with


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