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October 9, 2007  1:03 PM

ZedCon: Zend Core 2.5, Eclipse, and Microsoft–oh my!

Posted by: ITKE
Microsoft, Open source applications

Today at ZendCon, Zend shared details about some new integration initiatives with products from IBM, Microsoft and Oracle, as well as some enhancements to the Zend version of PHP. Topping the list of announcements was an offering for developers who want to create PHP applications using...

September 17, 2007  10:25 AM

Red Hat’s Szulik comments on EU vs. Microsoft

Posted by: ITKE
Administration, interoperability and integration, Microsoft, Red Hat

Can you say Schadenfreude? Red Hat dropped me a note this morning in response to the European's Commission's smack down of Microsoft. I don't know if Red Hat CEO Matthew Szulik...

September 13, 2007  9:08 AM

Sun to sell Microsoft Windows Server boxes … ?!

Posted by: ITKE
Microsoft, sun microsystems

What is going on in the land of Sun Microsystems today?

In a rather stunning bit of news, Microsoft and Sun announced at a press conference that Sun has signed up to become a Windows Server...

September 11, 2007  12:05 PM

BMW, Siemens jump on board with Microsoft, Novell

Posted by: ITKE
Administration, interoperability and integration, Microsoft, SUSE/Novell, Uncategorized

Today BMW AG and Siemens Corp. today became the latest customers to hop on board the Microsoft-Novell bandwagon. For those of you keeping score at home, good for you, because I'm not. According to a joint release fired off from Redmond and Waltham, Mass. simultaneously , Under two...

September 4, 2007  9:04 AM

Unix, Linux keywords banned from Xbox Live

Posted by: ITKE
Linux humor, Microsoft

How's this for some offbeat news to start your you-can-no-longer-wear-white season? A few blogs I read this morning are reporting that people on the Xbox Live online service are being forbidden from using gamertags (read: screen names for Xbox 360)

August 15, 2007  9:54 AM

How to expand Linux in two styles: Novell vs. Red Hat

Posted by: ITKE
LinuxWorld, Microsoft, Red Hat, SUSE/Novell

As a journalist, I get perturbed when I see talking heads on TV (on issues political, technological or otherwise) "attack the messenger" when the message they're delivering isn't something they agree with. The theory is, of course, that if you can discredit the person, then the public will not...

August 8, 2007  2:04 PM

LinuxWorld: User Q&A with Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian

Posted by: ITKE
LinuxWorld, Microsoft, SUSE/Novell, UNIX

There wasn't as much clapping as I thought there'd be. What I mean is; is when a user stepped up to the microphone to grill Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian about Microsoft, the GPLv3 and those infamous "coupons," there wasn't the zealous explosion of applause that I had become accustomed to over the...

July 23, 2007  5:51 PM

Replacing Microsoft Small Business Server: IT pro asks for open source software alternatives

Posted by: ITKE
Administration, interoperability and integration, Enterprise applications for Linux, Linux versus Windows, Microsoft, Open source applications

David Crook, a consultant and 20-year IT veteran, has issued a challenge -- via SearchEnterpriseLinux.com -- to the open source community. He tells me he has a shiny new IBM xSeries server "sitting idle waiting for something to make its life a little less boring." His first thought was to install...

July 3, 2007  12:27 PM

Linux development increases 34% since 2006

Posted by: ITKE
Linux blogs and news, Microsoft, Windows

A survey of developers and IT managers in North America found that the number of developers targeting Linux for their server- and client-side applications increased by 34% over the past year. The Evans Data Spring 2007 North American Development survey of more than 400 IT decision makers also...

June 27, 2007  9:29 AM

Microsoft Security Response Center rated one of the worst jobs in science

Posted by: ITKE
Linux versus Windows, Microsoft, Security, Uncategorized

This is one of those posts that's provided as some gratuitous schadenfreund for Linux advocates out there, so just sit back and enjoy the show... It seems today that Popular Science recently rated Microsoft's Security...

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