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March 14, 2007  10:27 AM

Why is KVM in Feisty Fawn?

Posted by: ITKE
Ubuntu Linux

Call me uninformed, but I'd really like to know why Kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) is in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. I've been corresponding with blogger and VC Jean-Yves Quentel about...

March 14, 2007  9:35 AM

Red Hat’s big day — RHEL5 launches

Posted by: ITKE
Red Hat

In case you missed all the preview articles and blog posts on the topic here at...

March 13, 2007  9:46 AM

Red Hat reveals something old, something new in channel announcement

Posted by: ITKE
Red Hat

Red Hat Inc. announced today that it would soon expand its global open source channel program to further promote the adoption of open source software in enterprise...

March 12, 2007  9:01 AM

Is a perfect storm brewing for Ubuntu on the server?

Posted by: ITKE
Ubuntu Linux

I think a lot of people out there want to see Ubuntu go beyond the desktop, where it has been an immensely successful (and completely free) distribution, and into the server arena -- en masse. Sure,

March 11, 2007  12:58 AM

Linux desktops: Wiping the shine off Microsoft Vista?

Posted by: ITKE
Linux desktops, Other enterprise distributions, Red Hat, SUSE/Novell

Some Linux vendors talk about the opportunities presented by the release (finally) of Microsoft Vista. While others talk, HP developed a game plan and is scoring points. HP is now touting its success in the Linux desktop market, and Dell -- reading the writing in the IDC stats and on its blog -- is...

March 9, 2007  12:39 PM

Red Hat to open web-based open source store

Posted by: ITKE
Red Hat

Red Hat has been feverishly pitching the media this week about a San Francisco event for the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. In the pitch, they've also mentioned a little something extra would be happening in addition to touting...

March 8, 2007  3:18 PM

Linux servers are green servers

Posted by: ITKE
Hardware issues, Linux versus Windows

Unfortunately, I think I am like a lot of people in that I don't really think about what happens to a server when it's time to send it off to that big happy data center in the sky. In reality, that big happy place is oftentimes a landfill, into which the

March 8, 2007  10:29 AM

Oracle Linux continues to show no momentum against Red Hat

Posted by: ITKE
Other enterprise distributions, Red Hat

A Reuters article from today about Oracle reaffirms what we wrote about here at SearchEnterpriseLinux.com a few months ago. Mainly, that

March 7, 2007  3:47 PM

Fedora Core 6 adds 2 million registered users

Posted by: ITKE
Red Hat, Ubuntu Linux

An article today about Fedora Core 6 over at InternetNews.com got the geek comedian in me thinking, so brace yourself.

Red Hat's Fedora Core 6 Linux distribution has reached...

March 7, 2007  12:35 AM

Linux world turning its back on Xen?

Posted by: ITKE
Linux blogs and news, Linux kernel, Red Hat

Seems like Xen is up and down these days. Red Hat is downplaying its Xen connection, thanks to XenSource's trademark.

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