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October 17, 2007  3:20 PM

Ubuntu’s unplanned delay tally, all-time: One week

Posted by: ITKE
Ubuntu Linux

Did you know that, if combined, all of the days that Ubuntu was "late" (i.e., didn't launch exactly six months after the previous release), it would add up to only about a week? It's true! Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth told me so during a conference call this week announcing the

October 15, 2007  4:12 PM

OpenOffice: Take your pick

Posted by: ITKE
Linux blogs and news, Open source applications, OpenOffice, tips

While OpenOffice.org celebrates its seventh year with a new release, someone put his fork in OpenOffice's birthday cake. Go-oo get OpenOffice The Go-oo version of OpenOffice.org promises new, in-development features and...

October 15, 2007  9:14 AM

Michael Dell: Linux server uptake increasing

Posted by: ITKE
Dell, desktops, Linux desktops, Linux versus Windows

Dell LinuxAre Linux server sales increasing faster than...

October 11, 2007  2:41 PM

Script tracks Perl modules for you

Posted by: ITKE
Linux basics, scripts

Michael Hurley shares a script that he wrote called modlister. I’ll let him explain:

It’s a script to tell you what Perl modules you have installed and where, to query whether you have a particular module installed, to see associated files, etc. For...

October 11, 2007  2:06 PM

Gutsy Gibbon does not mean pre-installed Ubuntu on the server

Posted by: ITKE
Hardware issues, Ubuntu Linux

As is becoming a regular occurrence these days, it seems, a few news outlets out there this week are starting to beat the "Ubuntu pre-installed on the server" drum again as the 7.10 release of that operating system draws near (it's Oct. 18, fyi). If I sound unimpressed, it's not because I don't...

October 10, 2007  10:20 AM

Exploits of a mom

Posted by: ITKE
Linux humor

xkcd comic I don't know how many of you are familiar with the webcomic xkcd, but this one was a gem that I just had to post today. Enjoy.

October 10, 2007  9:11 AM

Linux 2.6.23

Posted by: ITKE
kernel news, Linux kernel

Usually I put on a little party hat and blow up some balloons for days like these, but I missed my alarm this morning and things got a little hectic in the ol' apartment, or Linux Launch Pad, as I like ot call it. Onwards and upwards to the news: Linux kernel version 2.6.23 is live and ready for...

October 9, 2007  10:15 AM

Top Linux applications, anyone?

Posted by: ITKE
Linux basics, Linux blogs and news, Open source applications

Is your IT shop desperate to get off the Windows IV and into the free-wheelin', foot loose and fancy free world of open source applications? No? Are you sure you're on the right blog? I only ask because I got an email today from reader Rich I. that contained a link to the

October 8, 2007  10:10 AM

“Is a cursory look at the CentOS LIVE CD worth every penny?”

Posted by: ITKE
CentOS, Debian, Red Hat

First, a disclaimer: I'm citing an anonymous comment from "Tech Source from Bohol" with that blog post headline. It is not a Jack Loftus original and I would never attempt to pass off...

October 4, 2007  11:28 AM

Handy script protects Linux against traffic spikes

Posted by: ITKE
Linux basics, scripts

We received another user-submitted Linux script for our "Share scripts... win Starbucks" series. This one comes from David Witham, who writes:

I administer a consumer VoIP switch for a VSP. The switch acts as a SIP registrar and proxy. Many thousands of devices register and re-register...

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