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December 12, 2008  4:02 PM

Celebrating the holidays with Linux

Posted by: Leah Rosin
Enterprise applications for Linux, HP, Linux, Linux blogs and news, Linux desktops, Open source applications, Red Hat, SUSE/Novell, Ubuntu Linux

This week I went and picked up two ornaments from my local "Giving Tree," did some shopping, and returned some gifts to be distributed to children in need. This is the third year that I've participated in this community giving project, and this year I noticed that the tree was absolutely covered...

October 29, 2008  2:30 PM

Ubuntu founder’s new mantra: Free the clouds

Posted by: Dkr
Linux, Linux blogs and news, Linux desktops, Ubuntu Linux

In a webcast to announce the release of Ubuntu 8.10 on Thursday, Oct. 30, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth said he believes the emerging layer of cloud frameworks should remain free open source just like the hypervisor. Instead of making money...

September 9, 2008  7:12 PM

Red Hat mystifies with Qumranet purchase

Posted by: Dkr
Linux, Linux blogs and news, Linux desktops, Microsoft, Open source applications, Red Hat, TechTarget Blogs

Less than a week after Red Hat Inc.’s surprise $107 million purchase of Qumranet Inc., I remain mystified by this acquisition. Qumranet is the Israeli-based creator of the KVM open source hypervisor, which is incorporated...

July 29, 2008  2:37 PM

User frustration with Vista prompts Ubuntu test-drive

Posted by: Dkr
desktops, Linux, Linux blogs and news, Linux desktops, Linux versus Windows, Microsoft Windows, TechTarget Blogs, Ubuntu Linux, Windows

I was relaxing, reading personal email on a leisurely Sunday afternoon when a note from a long-lost friend brought work, and Linux, front and center. The friend, from whom I hadn't heard in years, reported that her husband, frustrated beyond belief with

April 25, 2008  10:34 AM

Boston’s Ubuntu Hardy Herons party with London bigwigs

Posted by: Dkr
Enterprise applications for Linux, Linux blogs and news, Linux desktops, Linux humor, Open source applications, Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu fans may be passionate geeks when it comes to free software, but last night's happy love fest at the Globe Bar & Grill in Copley Place was more about enjoying the moment and being together than serial computer installs. Nearly two dozen members of the

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March 25, 2008  10:56 AM

Linux on the desktop: Soon, but not yet

Posted by: Suzanne Wheeler
Administration, interoperability and integration, Hardware issues, Interviews, Linux blogs and news, Linux desktops, Linux versus Windows, Open source applications, SUSE/Novell, Updates and upgrades, Windows

This blog was contributed by SearchEnterpriseLinux.com expert Sander van Vugt. At Novell Inc.'s annual BrainShare user conference in Salt Lake City, I talked to Guy Lunardi, one of the most important guys behind Novell's SUSE Linux...

February 19, 2008  9:46 AM

Installing Google Desktop on Linux

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Administration, interoperability and integration, desktops, Linux desktops, TechTarget Blogs

For individuals who have used Google Desktop in the Windows world, having the tool available on Linux may ease the transition to a new desktop operating system. I started using the Google Desktop on my Linux system. This...

January 9, 2008  1:32 PM

Use virtual keyboards to support international Linux systems

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Administration, interoperability and integration, Linux desktops, Rick Vanover

Should you be so privileged as to be in a position to have to support international enterprise Linux installs or distributions, you may run into the occasional situation where you need local characters and your keyboard can't offer much help. I had a chance to run a tool called

December 12, 2007  9:51 PM

The Big Three of Linux: Looking ahead to 2008

Posted by: ITKE
Andrew Kutz, Linux blogs and news, Linux desktops, Red Hat, SUSE/Novell, Ubuntu Linux

What are Red Hat, Novell and Canonical going to have to do in 2008 to in order to dominate the desktop and server Linux market? Let's take a moment and assess the situation. Red Hat is the dominant force in Linux right now. They own the enterprise market. SUSE is also supported by many IHVs as a...

November 20, 2007  10:27 AM

Ubuntu server momentum builds toward ‘critical mass’

Posted by: ITKE
Dell, desktops, Hardware issues, Linux desktops, Ubuntu Linux

At CIO.com today, Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth gives a nice year-ending top ten list on a topic he's surely familiar with on the most intimate of levels: Ubuntu. More specifically, Shuttleworth talks about the

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