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Legal, licensing issues

July 9, 2007  12:20 PM

Jeremy Allison: Samba team to adopt GPLv3

Posted by: ITKE
Legal, licensing issues, Samba

A letter from Samba contributor Jeremy Allison confirmed today that the Samba Team has decided to adopt the GPLv3 and LGPLv3 licenses for all future releases of Samba. The GPLv3 is the updated version of the GPLv2 license under which Samba is currently distributed. Over the course of the past year...

June 19, 2007  11:50 AM

No patent deal possible, says Red Hat and Ubuntu (and now Mandriva too)

Posted by: ITKE
Legal, licensing issues, Linux versus Windows, Microsoft, Red Hat, SUSE/Novell, Ubuntu Linux, Uncategorized

We predicted that the Linspire-Microsoft deal was no big deal at all to Linux this week over at SearchEnterpriseLinux.com with the help of analyst Gordon Haff, but today it's official: Red...

June 14, 2007  10:35 AM

Linux GPLv2 vs. GPLv3 debate is over

Posted by: ITKE
Legal, licensing issues, Linux kernel

A column at Linux-Watch.com today leaves little doubt about the fact that Linux will not be going GPLv3.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. -- If anyone out there still thinks that the main Linux kernel might change to the GNU GPLv3...

June 12, 2007  9:16 AM

Does Linus speak the truth?

Posted by: ITKE
Administration, interoperability and integration, Legal, licensing issues, Linux versus Windows, SUSE/Novell, Uncategorized

Linus Torvalds and the GPLv3

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June 11, 2007  9:25 AM

Parsing patent promises

Posted by: ITKE
Legal, licensing issues, Linux versus Windows

A column at the New York Times keeps the Linux patent debate in the spotlight for one more day...

What a difference 16 years makes....

June 7, 2007  10:45 AM

Alienation Nation: Is the GPL turning off developers?

Posted by: ITKE
Legal, licensing issues, Uncategorized

Slashdot commenter captnitrino:

My drive is in writing code, and being able to look at other code that has what I want, plain and simple. In that sense, the GPL made it easy to do those two things: all...

April 19, 2007  3:50 PM

Open source licenses — when less is more

Posted by: ITKE
Legal, licensing issues

The 451 Group's Raven Zachary continues to impress me. Not only can he fire off a slew of great quotes for SearchEnterpriseLinux.com articles -- while waiting for his car to get worked on at the mechanic's (true story) -- he also thinks the same way I do when it comes to

March 30, 2007  2:00 PM

GPLv3: Too ambiguous for its own good?

Posted by: ITKE
Legal, licensing issues

I'm doing some follow up on the discussion draft of GPLv3 today, and it's not going well for the folks at the Free Software Foundation. The positive press that surrounded the draft on day one has melted away to reveal what...

March 28, 2007  12:13 PM

GPLv3 Dicscussion Draft out now

Posted by: ITKE
Legal, licensing issues

You can head on over the the Free Software Foundation to read the whole thing, or check the highlights below. Changes in this draft include:

  • First-time violators can have their license automatically restored if they remedy the...

March 27, 2007  9:41 AM

OpenDocument Format Alliance celebrates one year anniversary

Posted by: ITKE
Legal, licensing issues, Uncategorized

I used to cover the OpenDocument Format in spades over at SearchEnterpriseLinux.com, but things have been a bit quiet on that front for a while, at least from our site's coverage of it anyway. But the slow boil that is ODF (an open...

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