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June 16, 2008  1:52 PM

Partnering up for a showdown? Red Hat Summit 2008

Posted by: Suzanne Wheeler
Administration, interoperability and integration, kernel news, Legal, licensing issues, Linux, Networking, Red Hat, SUSE/Novell, Ubuntu Linux

This post was contributed jointly by SearchEnterpriseLinux editors Lauren S. Horwitz and Caroline Hunter As the VAR Guy noted in a recent blog post on the upcoming

February 4, 2008  12:14 PM

Ubuntu version 8.04 will feature 2.6.24 kernel

Posted by: Rick Vanover
kernel news, Rick Vanover, Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu server version 8.04 (which is currently available in alpha 4, released on February 2 as Hardy Heron) will feautre the

October 10, 2007  9:11 AM

Linux 2.6.23

Posted by: ITKE
kernel news, Linux kernel

Usually I put on a little party hat and blow up some balloons for days like these, but I missed my alarm this morning and things got a little hectic in the ol' apartment, or Linux Launch Pad, as I like ot call it. Onwards and upwards to the news: Linux kernel version 2.6.23 is live and ready for...

October 2, 2007  9:02 AM

Linux 2.6.23-rc9 and x86 merge incoming

Posted by: ITKE
kernel news, Linux kernel

Linus Torvalds provides us with an update on the Linux kernel today, as well as a heads-up about incoming x86 merge news set to drop fairly soon. LKML:

I said I was hoping that -rc8 was the last -rc,...

September 4, 2007  8:47 AM

Linux 2.6.23-rc5 in the wild

Posted by: ITKE
kernel news, Linux kernel

As is often the case, with a new month comes new, exiting ideas from the Linux kernel community. Today, I present to you with much admiration and bombastic prose, Linux 2.6.23-rc5. Now humbled, we can examine the

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August 28, 2007  8:51 AM

Linux 2.6.23-rc4 — come and get it!

Posted by: ITKE
kernel news, Linux kernel

RC can mean many things to many people. Some think of the olden days of RC Cola; its blue and red cans glistening in the summer sun, waiting to be enjoyed at a ball game or picnic with friends. Others think of remote control cars feverishly jockeying for position on a homemade backyard race...

August 16, 2007  7:58 AM

Linux kernel is stable!

Posted by: ITKE
kernel news, Linux kernel

Oooo-weee! I just love myself some stable kernel versions early in the morning!

The latest stable version of the Linux kernel is:

August 10, 2007  12:20 PM


Posted by: ITKE
kernel news, Linux kernel

The latest Linux kernel release is out and about today. Hold onto your hats!

We (the -stable team) are announcing the release of the kernel. This release has a lot of bugfixes and some security updates so all users of the 2.6.22...

July 27, 2007  8:30 AM

Linux: 2.4.35 Released

Posted by: ITKE
kernel news, Linux kernel

As the headline says, Linux kernel 2.4.35 is now ready for your viewing and poking pleasure, whatever that means... KernelTrap:

After 6 months of careful integration and testing, I'm happy to announce availability of Linux 2.4.35.This one...

July 9, 2007  8:07 AM

Linux 2.6.22 kernel released (architectural changes edition)

Posted by: ITKE
kernel news, Linux kernel

The latest stable version of the Linux kernel dropped over the weekend. Linus Torvalds had this to say in the kernel mailing list:

Not a whole lot of changes since -rc7: some small architecture changes (ppc, mips, blackfin), and most of...

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