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January 17, 2008  1:50 PM

A bright future for MySQL

Posted by: Dkr
MySQL, sun microsystems

The recent acquisition of open source database vendor MySQL by software supergiant Sun Microsystems has many asking if this is a good thing. SearchEnterpriseLinux.com expert Don Rosenberg thinks so. He tells the Enterprise Linux Log why he agrees with Andrew Kutz that this might be the best...

January 16, 2008  4:14 PM

The best open-source SQL server under the sun?

Posted by: Akutz
Andrew Kutz, MySQL, sun microsystems

SELECT company FROM mysql INNER JOIN sun ON mysql.about_time = sun.smart_move By now most people have heard the news: Sun is acquiring MySQL. I was sharing the announcement with co-workers when one of them said that it is old news. He apparently heard about it last night or this morning. But as...

November 9, 2007  9:52 AM

UPDATE REMINDER: Product of the Year nominations are going on now!

Posted by: ITKE
Administration, interoperability and integration, authentication, Backup & recovery, blades, Clusters, grids and mainframes, Database, disaster recovery, Enterprise applications for Linux, green computing, Hardware issues, identity management, Linux basics, Open source applications, Red Hat, SUSE/Novell, Systems Management, Xen

2007 Product of the Year AwardsWorking with vendors is...

October 26, 2007  3:19 PM

Thoughts on the Linux job market

Posted by: ITKE
IT careers

IT jobs surveyThe

October 16, 2007  9:06 AM

Noncertified IT pros earn more than those with certified skills, report shows

Posted by: ITKE
IT careers

A new report from industry research firm Foote Partners LLC finds that the average pay for noncertified IT skills topped that for certified professionals while compensation for IT jobs increased again in the third quarter of 2007. David Foote, CEO and chief research officer at Foote Partners, calls...

October 9, 2007  11:53 AM

Novell Workgroup layoffs imminent

Posted by: ITKE
IT careers, SUSE/Novell

It was but a rumor last week, but today it looks like it's all true: Novell is set to layoff a large chunk of its Workgroup division. The number last week was an estimated 50-60%, but that's still unconfirmed right now. What we do...

September 7, 2007  10:39 AM

Linux job numbers surge, remain behind Windows

Posted by: ITKE
IT careers

DICEIf Dice's numbers are any indication, then...

September 7, 2007  9:17 AM

The i5 and Oracle certification headaches

Posted by: ITKE
Database, IBM

My comrade in data center arms Mark Fontecchio is presenting a unique iSeries problem over at our sister blog today. At the iSeries blog, Mark...

August 14, 2007  9:39 AM

Does Oracle 11g mean more Linux?

Posted by: ITKE
Database, Oracle Linux, Uncategorized, Windows

Oracle 11g and LinuxOracle announced today the general...

May 10, 2007  10:00 PM

Are Red Hatters ready for a database (Sybase-style) virtual appliance?

Posted by: ITKE
Red Hat, Sybase, Virtualization

Red Hat kicked off and is closing its user confab in San Diego with virtual appliance announcements. One seems right up IT pros' alley. The other one may be a bit of a stretch. The opening sally, a partnership with Intel on building desktop management appliances, seems a step in a good direction,...

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