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February 8, 2008  10:50 AM

Added enterprise distro compatibility within development community

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Administration, interoperability and integration, CentOS, Enterprise applications for Linux, Open source applications, SUSE/Novell

The Novell-sponsored openSUSE Build Service recently added support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS. This community project provides a development platform for future openSUSE Linux distributions . This is in addition...

February 4, 2008  12:53 PM

Rsyncrypto for encrypted remote file synchronization

Posted by: Rick Vanover
CentOS, Rick Vanover, Security

When you need to keep files on a remote system synchronized, you want to protect its contents should it end up in the wrong hands. You can use rsync to keep the contents up to date, but natively no encryption method is used. 

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January 16, 2008  11:08 AM

The ‘perfect’ CentOS 4.6 server

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
CentOS, tips

The gang at howtoforge.com has posted another good guide. This one is a step-by-step for setting up a CentOS 4.6 based server for ISPs and...

January 3, 2008  1:10 PM

Red Hat Enterprise Linux in lockstep: CentOS 4 receives an upgrade

Posted by: Rick Vanover
CentOS, Linux blogs and news

CentOS continues to assert itself as a strong but free equivalent to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) with the release of CentOS 4.6 on December 16, 2007.  CentOS distributions are spaced approximately 1 month later than the RHEL equivalent (RHEL 4.6 was released on November 15, 2007.) While this...

January 1, 2008  9:32 PM

Enterprise streaming media? Sure, and on virtual Linux systems!

Posted by: Rick Vanover
CentOS, Linux basics, Rick Vanover, TechTarget Blogs, Virtualization

Many IT shops have strict policies prohibiting the storage of multimedia content on shared systems. Issues over copyrighted content and inappropriate material pose many problems. However, more business products offer various content in audio or video media. These can be training videos, quality...

December 17, 2007  11:25 AM

CentOS 5.1 Released

Posted by: ITKE
CentOS, Uncategorized

CentOS released version 5.1 of its increasingly popular distribution, which is celebrating its fourth birthday this month. Version 5.1 includes 70 new packages native to the distribution including 17 in the series of the Yellow dog Updater,...

October 8, 2007  10:10 AM

“Is a cursory look at the CentOS LIVE CD worth every penny?”

Posted by: ITKE
CentOS, Debian, Red Hat

First, a disclaimer: I'm citing an anonymous comment from "Tech Source from Bohol" with that blog post headline. It is not a Jack Loftus original and I would never attempt to pass off...


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