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September, 2007

September 28, 2007  10:48 AM

Does this script work for you?

Posted by: ITKE
Linux basics, scripts

Recently, we asked our readers to share some of their Linux scripts with us. Our first script comes to us from Diethard Ohrt, who sent us a script named “survf”. He writes:

The script "survf" monitors a file so you can check whether this file is growing (e.g. during ftp transfer)....

September 28, 2007  10:43 AM

Novell microsite targets virtualization

Posted by: ITKE
SUSE/Novell, Virtualization

I received an email today from Novell touting a new virtualization microsite, so I thought I'd fire off a micropost to the Enterprise Linux Log with a few details. From Novell:

Novell has created a new microsite to provide the open source community with Virtualization resources such...

September 27, 2007  10:43 AM

Ubuntu bests Jesus — Apocalypse imminent?!

Posted by: ITKE
Linux humor, Ubuntu Linux

So, dear readers, who is more popular: A Linux distribution with a funky name or a funky fella who could supposedly turn water into wine and walk on water? If you answered Ubuntu, then give yourself a star. If you answered Jesus, then you were right last year, but Google Trends has proved you...

September 26, 2007  3:16 PM

SELinux — is it *really* too complex?

Posted by: ITKE
Security, SELinux

I read a post this afternoon that surprised me a little, which is tough to do because I work on the Internet and I've basically seen everything humanity has to offer. Believe me, it's not much. What surprised me today is that the old axiom "SELinux is so difficult to use that most IT managers just...

September 25, 2007  3:24 PM

Red Hat reports second quarter results, promotions

Posted by: ITKE
Red Hat

Red Hat, Inc. today announced financial results for its second fiscal quarter ended August 31, 2007, and the results are again pretty solid. According to a release that's still pretty hot after being cut and pasted from my email Inbox, total Red Hat revenue for the quarter was $127.3 million, an...

September 25, 2007  3:06 PM

GPLv3 growth flattens out, LGPLv3 adds 49 projects

Posted by: ITKE
GPL issues, Legal, licensing issues, Uncategorized

For a month that saw

September 25, 2007  12:28 PM

Novell shows off open source ATI drivers

Posted by: ITKE
Hardware issues, SUSE/Novell

As this relates to one of our most popular blog posts ever here at the Enterprise Linux Log, I thought it was worth a mention. Apparently, Novell has released an alpha level video driver...

September 24, 2007  10:06 AM

Monday morning Linux kernel news

Posted by: ITKE
Linux kernel

It's kernel update time. This is the single security bug fix edition:

We (the -stable team) are announcing the release of the kernel. It contains a single security bugfix for the x86_64 architecture. There is potential for local...

September 21, 2007  9:35 AM

Apples or oranges? What is JeOS?

Posted by: ITKE
Ubuntu Linux, Virtualization, VMware

JeOSAre you planning on juicing anytime soon? How...

September 20, 2007  8:33 AM

NASDAQ serves SCO with delisting notice

Posted by: ITKE
Linux basics, UNIX

There's piling on, and then there's what happened to the hapless SCO today. Just to recap,

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