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August, 2007

August 15, 2007  9:54 AM

How to expand Linux in two styles: Novell vs. Red Hat

Posted by: ITKE
LinuxWorld, Microsoft, Red Hat, SUSE/Novell

As a journalist, I get perturbed when I see talking heads on TV (on issues political, technological or otherwise) "attack the messenger" when the message they're delivering isn't something they agree with. The theory is, of course, that if you can discredit the person, then the public will not...

August 15, 2007  7:56 AM

Where’d LinuxToday go?!

Posted by: ITKE
disaster recovery, Hardware issues

Apparently, the Perfect Server Storm hit popular third party news site LinuxToday.com yesterday and everything went dark. Countless legions of Linux reading geeks and nerds (LinuxWorld Golden Penguin Bowl, anyone?) went entire...

August 14, 2007  9:39 AM

Does Oracle 11g mean more Linux?

Posted by: ITKE
Database, Oracle Linux, Uncategorized, Windows

Oracle 11g and LinuxOracle announced today the general...

August 13, 2007  11:28 AM

LinuxWorld 2007 decompression

Posted by: ITKE
Administration, interoperability and integration, Andrew Kutz, Linux blogs and news, LinuxWorld, Uncategorized

So another LinuxWorld Conference and Expo has come and gone -- but what's this?! Where's the Linux?! Sure, it was there in sessions on interoperability between Linux and Windows; and in Novell...

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August 10, 2007  4:24 PM

Will new Krugle code-finding appliance be cool?

Posted by: ITKE
Administration, interoperability and integration, Open source applications

Meeting people who develop new products and start up companies is a fun thing to do at a show. AT LinuxWorld 2007 in San Francisco this week, I talked with Laura Merling of Krugle Inc. about Krugle Enterprise Appliance, which is in beta now and heading for release within weeks.  Krugle has made...

August 10, 2007  12:20 PM


Posted by: ITKE
kernel news, Linux kernel

The latest Linux kernel release is out and about today. Hold onto your hats!

We (the -stable team) are announcing the release of the kernel. This release has a lot of bugfixes and some security updates so all users of the 2.6.22...

August 9, 2007  1:32 PM

Accelerating the progress of Linux in the enterprise

Posted by: ITKE
Administration, interoperability and integration, LinuxWorld, SUSE/Novell, videos

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/t-ay9sEo-ZU" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] In case you missed the Novell keynote with Ron Hovsepian, here's a quick recap in video form. The theme? Accelerating the progress of Linux in the enterprise. You can catch our...

August 8, 2007  5:34 PM

Live from LinuxWorld 2007 — the Bag of Swag!

Posted by: ITKE
Linux humor, LinuxWorld, videos

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/IyKk2WygjDc" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] The grand SearchEnterpriseLinux.com video experiment continues... This time I play the straight man to SearchDataCenter.com...

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August 8, 2007  2:04 PM

LinuxWorld: User Q&A with Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian

Posted by: ITKE
LinuxWorld, Microsoft, SUSE/Novell, UNIX

There wasn't as much clapping as I thought there'd be. What I mean is; is when a user stepped up to the microphone to grill Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian about Microsoft, the GPLv3 and those infamous "coupons," there wasn't the zealous explosion of applause that I had become accustomed to over the...

August 7, 2007  9:00 PM

Palm to use Wind River Linux for Palm Foleo Mobile Companion

Posted by: ITKE

LinuxWorld vendor news Wind River Linux announced today that Palm has selected Wind River's consumer devices Linux platform for Palm's next gen Palm Foleo device. Palm touts that the Foleo should out-ship and out-sell both Treo smartphones and Pilot PDAs. Wind River Linux also...

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