Enterprise Architecture: Different Views:

August, 2008

August 31, 2008  7:40 PM

EIA within EA Context

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Here's another interesting view by Gartner of how Information Architecture fits within the context of Enterprise Architecture. In the accompanying diagram (which depicts EA) the shaded area in column 2 shows the scope of Information Architecture. Note how the word "business" features in this...

August 25, 2008  11:57 AM

The ROI of EA

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Why is it worth practising EA and what is the Return on Investment? One could argue that the ROI all comes from Information and its use, so it could be a Return on Information. Firstly, if the architecture (current) is documented, it is easier for people to find information. For example, if an...

August 25, 2008  11:56 AM

Major EA Frameworks

Anton Venter Profile: Anton

I previously discussed EA Frameworks and some readers might be wondering about the terms "framework", "process" and "methodology" and possible overlaps between these. Looking more closely, the Zachman Framework is very useful to apply a taxonomy when describing a current or future EA. The TOGAF is...

August 20, 2008  5:05 PM


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TOGAF's ADM consists of the following stages: - Preliminary phase (deciding the framework to be used and principles, getting commitment, planning) - Architecture Development (vision, Business architecture, Systems architecture, Technology architecture) - Business Transformation planning...

August 20, 2008  5:03 PM


Anton Venter Profile: Anton

Ever heard of TOGAF? TOGAF is The Open Group Architecture Forum with which architects can become a member and get certified as an enterprise architect. TOGAF subscribes to a number of EA Frameworks, but also offers an ADM - Architecture Development Method(ology). I have found the ADM a very useful...

August 20, 2008  5:02 PM

EA Components

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The components of an EA can also be summarised as follows: - Context (basic requirements, guidelines, constraints) - Framework(s) that enable a multi-layered EA development in stages - Actual components (processes, systems, rules) - Inter-relationships (links, flows, data dictionaries,...

August 16, 2008  10:12 AM

Outputs of EA

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What are the typical outputs of Enterprise Architecture? Views and models that describe the "current environment", based on one of the EA frameworks already discussed. This is required to enable a grasp of the gap that exists considering the desired future environment (another output of EA, also...

August 16, 2008  10:11 AM

EA Programme Roles

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I briefly discussed before how EA teams are typically structured, but what are some of the other roles on an EA Programme? Apart from the specific domain architects, e.g. Application, Information and Security architects, other important roles to be considered are the Architecture Sponsor (could be...

August 16, 2008  10:09 AM

EA Critical Success Factors

Anton Venter Profile: Anton

What are some of the key Critical Success Factors of Enterprise Architecture? Primary CSFs: - Planning the EA programme - Developing an Infrastructure for EA (tools, frameworks, methodologies) - Documenting the EA - current and future - Standardisation of Design Patterns, Development Processes...

August 11, 2008  6:57 PM

What about SOA?

Anton Venter Profile: Anton

Is SOA the same as Enterprise Architecture? No - SOA is rather an Architecture STYLE. If BSOA is seen as the Business View of SOA, then EA = SOA + BSOA. SOA is a useful vehicle to apply re-use of solution components and govern design of components according to design patterns.

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