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June 30, 2011  2:42 AM

HTML5 holds promise though the formal release is expected to be in 2014

Posted by: Sasirekha R
Apple, Application, Google, HTML5, IBM, Internet, Microsoft, Standard, W3C

HTML5 is worth considering today even if the formal release has three more years to go Apple's Steve Jobs "Thoughts on Flash" where he has stated that "Flash is no...

March 17, 2011  2:37 AM

Understanding GeoRSS – GML – Geographic Markup Language

Posted by: Sasirekha R
Geography, GeoRSS, GML, Location, Markup, Mashup, RSS, W3C

Understanding GeoRSS - GML - Geographic Markup Language GeoRSS is a standard for providing location information as part of a data feed. Compared to GeoRSS-Simple, GeoRSS GML (or Pro GeoRSS) goes...

October 7, 2010  7:33 AM

Jena – Framework for building Semantic Web Applications

Posted by: Sasirekha R
GRDDL, Jena, OWL, RDF, relationship, Semantic Web, SPARQL, W3C

Jena for building Semantic Web Applications

Jena, a Java RDF API and toolkit is an open source Java framework for building Semantic Web applications. Semantic Web Framework, developed by W3C is...

October 7, 2010  7:31 AM

W3C Semantic Web Framework

Posted by: Sasirekha R
GRDDL, OWL, RDF, Semantic Web, SPARQL, W3C

W3C Semantic Web Framework The Semantic web - collaborative effort led by W3C - provides a common framework that allows data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise, and community boundaries. It is also about language for...


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