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October 10, 2010  4:54 AM

Understanding SRB, the possible key of zPrime (Neon vs. IBM Lawsuits)

Posted by: Sasirekha R
cost savings, IBM, Lawsuit, Mainframe, Neon, SRB, zAAP, zIIP, zPrime

Understanding SRB the possible key of zPrime - more known for Neon vs. IBM Lawsuits IBM mainframe specialty processors - zAAP and zIIP - cost significantly less compared to the General purpose processors and these "do not count" in software pricing calculations and ISV...

August 19, 2010  2:52 AM

IBM Cloudburst Appliance – “Cloud in a Box”

Posted by: Sasirekha R
Appliance, Cloud, Cloud computing, Cloud in a Box, CloudBurst, IBM, ready-made cloud, Tivoli

IBM Cloudburst Appliance - "Cloud in a Box" IBM cloud offering CloudBurst - also called as "Cloud-in-a-Box" - is provided as an appliance which is self-contained and can enable cloud computing in Enterprise context. An appliance delivers the...

August 13, 2010  3:51 AM

DB2 in Cloud is worth exploring

Posted by: Sasirekha R
Agility, Amazon, Cloud, Cloud computing, DB2, DB2 in cloud, IBM, reduce costs, Ubuntu, Virtual Appliance

Explore DB2 in Cloud IBM has been driving to improve DB2 utilization in the cloud and a series of announcements including the DB2 virtual appliance shows a trend where we can expect more. To quote IBM, its DB2 view of the Cloud Computing is...

July 30, 2010  2:45 AM

Save costs using IBM Certified Used Equipments

Posted by: Sasirekha R
Asset, cost saving, IBM, IBM Certified, mainframe cost, pre-owned equipment, Used equipment

IBM Certified Used Equipments

Be it a desktop for home or a mainframe for your organization, you can get used equipment (second hand equipment) certified by IBM with a significant cost saving of up to 65% of the original price - with the minimum saving of around 15%.

July 26, 2010  9:47 AM

IT Appliances in Enterprises

Posted by: Sasirekha R
Appliance, Cast Iron, CISCO, Enterprise, Greenplum, IBM, IT Appliances, IT Landscape, virtual, Virtual appliances

IT Appliances in Enterprises
The term appliances bring to mind the electrical / mechanical appliances like Washing Machine and toaster we use at homes. The key characteristics of these appliances are that they are simple to use,...

July 23, 2010  3:18 AM

IBM Hybrid Mainframe unveiled – Giant leap for Mainframes

Posted by: Sasirekha R
consolidation, data center consolidation, Hybrid Mainframe, IBM, Mainframe, Virtualized Server, zEnterprise

 IBM Hybrid Mainframe unveiled - Giant leap for Mainframes IBM has unveiled the Hybrid Mainframe - the zEnterprise mainframe server and a new systems design - that allows workloads on mainframe, POWER7 and System x servers to share resources and be managed as a single,...

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