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April 27, 2011  2:47 AM

Tweaking COBOL Compiler Options for Improved Performance

Posted by: Sasirekha R
COBOL, cost saving, IBM, Mainframe, performance

Tweaking COBOL Compiler Options for Improved Performance COBOL is still the most widely used language in mainframe - both for online transaction processing as well as massive batch processing. Even minor improvement of performance of repeatedly executing COBOL programs directly...

February 14, 2011  1:50 AM

Understanding Mainframe – Overview for non-mainframe personnel

Posted by: Sasirekha R
CICS, COBOL, cost saving, IBM, Mainframe, mainframe cost, virtual, Virtualized Server, zOS

Mainframe Overview with focus on Cost Savings Recently one of our Unix experts - focusing on IT optimization - came to me to get an understanding of Mainframe and like most IT people who have not worked in Mainframe had quite a few obsolete...

January 28, 2011  3:03 AM

Using Multithreading in COBOL for SOA

Posted by: Sasirekha R
COBOL, Enterprise, IBM, multithreading, performance, SOA

COBOL Programs in SOA - Using Multithreading Originally COBOL didn't support multithreading thereby heavily limiting the possibility of using COBOL subroutines as building blocks for...

January 3, 2011  2:24 AM

Static / Dynamic Linking in IBM COBOL

Posted by: Sasirekha R
COBOL, IBM, linking, Mainframe, performance

Static / Dynamic Linking in IBM COBOL

Using linking, we can have one program call another program that is not contained in the source code of the calling program. Depending on the linkage options,  the object module of the calling program is linked with the object module of the...


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