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March 31, 2009  9:18 PM

Developing Windows 7 apps in managed code

Posted by: YuvalShavit
.NET programming downloads, Microsoft Windows, Windows 7

Windows 7 has some great new UI improvements. I use it as my main (in fact, only) OS at home, and I downright miss it when I come to the office and muddle through on my XP laptop. I haven't felt like this about a windowing system since I discovered

February 6, 2009  9:59 PM

Microsoft addresses Windows 7 security hole — partially

Posted by: YuvalShavit
Security, Windows 7

Microsoft has announced that it will be fixing a UAC security flaw in Windows 7, but the new system still leaves open one of the biggest security holes: people. A few days ago, I mentioned that Microsoft was getting some flak for a

February 2, 2009  1:08 PM

Windows 7’s UAC has a security flaw

Posted by: YuvalShavit
.NET application testing and security, Windows 7

A couple blog entries ago, I mentioned that among Windows 7's improvements is a fix to the user account control (UAC) functionality introduced in Vista. UAC was always a good — and overdue — idea,...


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