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February 11, 2008  12:39 PM

TFS to the rescue — almost

Posted by: Brein Matturro
Architecture and the SDLC, C#, Visual Basic, VS 2005 and .NET 2.0

(Editor's note: This is the first blog post by Christopher Yager, who will be writing on the .NET Developments blog from time to time. Yager is chief software architect at GLD Solutions Inc. and is currently using .NET...

February 7, 2008  11:32 AM

They could have told me

Posted by: Brein Matturro
Visual Basic, VS 2005 and .NET 2.0, VS 2008 and .NET 3.5, WinForms

(Editor's note: This is the first blog post by Chris Madsen, who will be writing on the .NET Developments blog from time to time. Madsen is a consultant who programs in Visual Basic and Visual Studio 2005. Her first few posts will cover the ups and downs of migrating from...

February 4, 2008  10:54 AM

Lang.NET Day 3 considers, Ruby, Moonlight, Cobra

Posted by: YuvalShavit
Dynamic Languages, Silverlight

Ruby was first at bat on Day 3 of the Lang.NET in Redmond. Wayne Kelly and Jon Lam both presenting. Jon Lam’s IronRuby session was a status update on where the project stands, and how Lam’s Microsoft group intends to get to 1.0. He said his group has...

January 30, 2008  11:01 PM

Visual Basic futures, Volta on display at Lang.NET Symposium Day 2

Posted by: YuvalShavit
Dynamic Languages, Visual Basic

As the Microsoft Lang.NET Symposium went into Day 2, the parade of languages and language combos continued. First out of the blocks was Eric Meijer with a discussion of Volta. Volta uses a shared programming model to allow...

January 29, 2008  11:03 AM

Lang.NET shows Iron Python with Robotics Studio, JScript on DLR

Posted by: YuvalShavit
ASP.NET, C#, Dynamic Languages, Silverlight

Microsoft's Lang.NET Symposium 2008 got up and running yesterday. C# father Anders Hejlsberg talked about C# 3.0 features, IronPython guru Hugunin discussed the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) and IronPython, and Pratap Lakshman from the...

January 25, 2008  1:56 PM

.NET reference posters: Great things come in large packages

Posted by: Brian Eastwood
.NET Programming Languages, SharePoint, Silverlight, Visual Studio and the .NET Framework

Posters make good conference swag, but they don't always fit into the suitcase. Fortunately, many of Microsoft's greatest hits -- .NET Framework namespaces, Visual Studio 2008 and 2005 keyboard shortcuts, Silverlight 2.0 Developer References and so on -- are available for download on MSDN. Chris...

January 16, 2008  12:24 PM

Looking for F# resources?

Posted by: YuvalShavit

The folks in Microsoft Research have been trying out ideas in functional programming for quite a while. Not too long ago, Microsoft moved to begin to include

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January 14, 2008  11:09 AM

Beefing up the .NET Developments blog roll

Posted by: Brian Eastwood
.NET Programming Languages, Architecture and the SDLC, Client applications, Database development and architecture, Web applications

One of the things we've been meaning to do for quite some time now is beef up our blog roll. We started by featuring four blogs -- WPF Reflections, Custom Application...

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January 8, 2008  5:54 PM

IronRuby and Ruby.NET, or A Tale of Two Rubies

Posted by: YuvalShavit
Dynamic Languages

A pretty simple question (''How does IronRuby differ from Ruby.NET?') turned into, naturally, a pretty complex chain of follow-up questions and then a series of conversations in the blogosphere. Ruby blogger Pat Eyler got the ball...

January 3, 2008  11:55 AM

Raymond Chen on diagnosing deadlocks of doom

Posted by: YuvalShavit
.NET Programming Languages

The deadlock is a dreaded state. When non-famous programmers get deadlocked they sometimes call on famous programmers such as Raymond Chen. A late-year entry on his

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