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February 2, 2009  1:08 PM

Windows 7’s UAC has a security flaw

Posted by: YuvalShavit
.NET application testing and security, Windows 7

A couple blog entries ago, I mentioned that among Windows 7's improvements is a fix to the user account control (UAC) functionality introduced in Vista. UAC was always a good — and overdue — idea,...

March 27, 2008  1:33 PM

Application threats seen to radio programmable pacemakers

Posted by: YuvalShavit
.NET application testing and security

How much foresight must engineers have? At what point do threats become absurdly remote? The questions arise, as I look at an item that recently crossed my desk. It provides a view into a future in which application security will endlessly enter uncharted regions. It has to do with hacking...

January 30, 2008  1:20 PM

Good manners: Unit test syntax and semantics

Posted by: YuvalShavit
.NET application testing and security

Microsoft MVP Roy Osherove is at work on a book about the art of unit testing. It is interesting to read his site as his thinking evolves and his book moves to completion. For an example, see a recent post concerning

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January 17, 2008  12:09 PM

XUnit unit test framework ready for its close-up

Posted by: YuvalShavit
.NET application testing and security, .NET programming downloads

James Newkirk - an original NUnit developer - and Brad Wilson recently shared some more of their work on the XUnit test framework. The download is available on the CodePlex site.

According to Ben Hall, blogger and Red Gate...

December 7, 2007  1:04 PM

Brushing up on .NET architecture

Posted by: Brian Eastwood
.NET application testing and security, Methodologies (Team Development, Agile and so forth), ORM (Object-relational mapping)

One primary aim in relaunching SearchWindevelopment.com is to focus greater attention on .NET architecture. Web services, workflow, object-relational mapping and other concepts continue to change the...


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