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May 22, 2008  1:55 PM

Mono WinForms reaches finish line

Posted by: YuvalShavit

The Mono team has been working on its version of Sytem.Windows.Forms for almost four years. And it has hit the finish line. There were 6,434...

April 24, 2008  3:43 PM

Microsoft LiveMesh Cloud and Yahoo

Posted by: YuvalShavit
General Microsoft news, The Microsoft-Yahoo saga

Microsoft's recent discussion of mesh computing raises a few questions. For some details on what it is, go to the LiveMesh pages. The company has rattled about a lot of ‘Live" initatives, but this may be the first one...

April 8, 2008  1:51 PM

Microsoft Opens to Eclipse?

Posted by: YuvalShavit
General Microsoft news, Windows Presentation Foundation

Microsoft is working to make it easier for Eclipse developers write code for Windows apps. Microsoft will...

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March 24, 2008  10:49 AM

Anonymous Methods – Elegance or Kludge

Posted by: Brein Matturro
C#, General Microsoft news, VS 2005 and .NET 2.0

According to Wikipedia, a kludge (or, alternatively, kluge) is a clumsy or inelegant solution to a problem or difficulty. In engineering, a kludge is a

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March 11, 2008  10:52 AM

Bill Gates has been popping up a lot lately

Posted by: YuvalShavit
.NET programming downloads, General Microsoft news, VS 2008 and .NET 3.5

Bill Gates has been popping up a lot lately - at the Office Developer Conference, at the SharePoint Conference, and so on. An interesting leg on his journey - this is, after all, a

March 7, 2008  3:00 PM

Using Master Pages in Visual Studio 2008

Posted by: Brein Matturro
ASP.NET, General Microsoft news, VS 2008 and .NET 3.5, WinForms

The way you use Master pages has changed in Visual Studio 2008.  Remember, how in Visual Studio 2005 when you add a new Web Form in ASP.NET applications - you get to choose a master page to apply to the Web form.  If you choose to use a Master page - then the page that is added, when you check...

February 28, 2008  4:48 PM

VB6 Programmers – What happened to Printer.Print?

Posted by: Brein Matturro
C#, Visual Basic, VS 2002/2003 and .NET 1.0/1.1, VS 2005 and .NET 2.0, WinForms

This post goes out to all you VB geeks that are wondering what happened to Printer.Print in VB.  This may be a dated topic but I have a feeling there are a few out there longing for those VB6 days when the printer was always sitting there loyal and waiting.  The VB6 programmer's best friend. ...

February 22, 2008  9:47 AM

Power Tools for VSTO now available

Posted by: Brian Eastwood
.NET programming downloads, Visual Studio Tools for Office

Microsoft has released a set of Power Tools for Visual Studio 2008 Tools for Office. It's called v1.0.0.0 and it's available at the Microsoft Download...

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February 21, 2008  10:07 PM

Microsoft again vows to promote interoperability – shares new API info

Posted by: YuvalShavit
.NET Web services (Windows Communication Foundation), Client applications, General Microsoft news

Microsoft said Thursday it will provide extensive documentation for APIs covering its major software products, including Office 2007, the Windows client and server, and the .NET Framework. Much of this information had been closely held, available only along with trade secret licenses or only within...

February 21, 2008  10:12 AM

Typed Datasets and the ConnectionString problem

Posted by: Brein Matturro
General Microsoft news

(Editor's note: This is the first blog post by Kalyani Sundaresan, who will be writing on the .NET Developments blog from time to time. Sundaresan is a .NET developer and teacher who is starting to familiarize herself with Visual Studio 2008, particularly its unit testing capabilities. Welcome...

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