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January, 2009


January 28, 2009  5:41 PM

Microsoft’s open source projects may help it sell software

Posted by: YuvalShavit
Ajax, General Microsoft news, Silverlight

If you're linking to outside JavaScript code in your Web pages, you're probably (hopefully!) aware that there are certain security risks. Microsoft's Scott Isaacs talked about the problem at a session at PDC 2008 and said there are essentially two ways most sites handle this threat: some ignore it...

January 21, 2009  10:47 AM

Windows 7: The new Mojave

Posted by: YuvalShavit
Client applications

Microsoft's "Mojave Experiment" was an interesting case of managing expectations. Convinced that Vista OS had gotten the short shrift, Microsoft demoed its next OS, Mojave, to a slew...

January 16, 2009  5:12 PM

Obama’s inauguration will be streamed with Silverlight

Posted by: YuvalShavit
General Microsoft news, Silverlight

When millions of eyes tune in to see president-elect-but-about-to-be-President Obama's inauguration at noon on Tuesday, Microsoft will be working behind the scenes. The Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) will be

January 12, 2009  2:44 PM

Mono brings C# to the iPhone, Wii

Posted by: YuvalShavit
C#, Mobile applications

Mono is best known as an open source implementation of .NET, but as we mentioned in our coverage of Mono...

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January 7, 2009  10:31 AM

Ja.NET: A Java compiler for .NET CLR

Posted by: YuvalShavit
.NET-Java Interoperability

Early last month I wrote an article about Java application frameworks being ported to .NET. The piece caused a

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January 2, 2009  6:00 AM

Microsoft extends Windows XP availability, but layoffs on the horizon

Posted by: YuvalShavit
General Microsoft news

Here's what we've been seeing around the Web... Microsoft extended Windows XP's lifespan for OEMs who want to put it on low-end machines. Manufacturers have until the end of January to put in their orders, which can get them

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