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November, 2007


November 30, 2007  11:33 AM

Expression Blend SP1 released; VS 2008 support included

Posted by: Brian Eastwood
.NET programming downloads, Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation

Microsoft Expression Blend is used to create the rich graphical interfaces that are the proverbial bread and butter of Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight applications. Blend targets application designers as opposed to developers, but, as Microsoft sees it, designers and developers...

November 30, 2007  11:16 AM

Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition SP1 now available

Posted by: Brian Eastwood
.NET programming downloads, VS 2005 and .NET 2.0

Microsoft has released a service pack for Visual Studio 2005 Express, the free version of its flagship IDE. There are service packs for each of the...

November 29, 2007  1:32 PM

Silverlight 1.1 is now Silverlight 2.0

Posted by: Brian Eastwood

The full story is over on SearchWinDevelopment.com. Here's the gist of it all:

  • Silverlight 1.1 has been renamed Silverlight 2.0. Anyone surprised?
  • A beta version of Silverlight 2.0 will be available by the end of March 2008 -- or, in corporatespeak, by the end of the Q1...

November 29, 2007  12:53 PM

Want a Rich Text Editor? Go to CodePlex

Posted by: Brian Eastwood
.NET programming downloads, ASP.NET

Lotta folks have been bringing up the Rich Text Editor, a control written in ASP.NET and JavaScript that has been posted on CodePlex, Microsoft's code-sharing site.

November 27, 2007  11:56 AM

New Silverlight 1.1 Alpha tools for Visual Studio 2008

Posted by: Brian Eastwood
.NET programming downloads, Silverlight

Microsoft has released an updated version of the Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Tools for Visual Studio 2008, which are now available for download.

The download...

November 26, 2007  1:24 PM

How to install Visual Studio 2008

Posted by: Brian Eastwood
VS 2008 and .NET 3.5

Can't wait to dive into the hot-off-the-presses Visual Studio 2008 RTM? Well, before you can do that, you have to install VS 2008 RTM. And before you can do that, you have to uninstall VS 2008 Beta 2 and its various and...

November 24, 2007  6:56 PM

SearchWinDevelopment.com enters the blogosphere

Posted by: Brian Eastwood
.NET Programming Languages, Architecture and the SDLC, Client applications, Visual Studio and the .NET Framework, Web applications

One of the commitments we made in changing our name from SearchVB.com to SearchWinDevelopment.com was to bring important information to our readers faster. As we stated inĀ our...

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