• Inside BMC’s database performance tools for DB2 for z/OS

    BMC offers several tools to help DBAs manage and prevent critical performance issues in DB2 for z/OS, as well as monitoring options for other vital mainframe subsystems.

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  • Transaction and database management on z/OS mainframe systems

    Transaction and database management tools for mainframe systems, such as CICS, IMS and DB2, have been around for decades, but have evolved over the years to fit the needs of enterprise customers.

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  • IBM upgrades z/OS mainframe operating system

    The new version of z/OS allows enterprises to take advantage of all processors on their mainframe within one partition and adds new security features.

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  • IBM z/OS 1.8: Features to look forward to and some to kiss goodbye

    What's inside IBM's latest mainframe operating system, z/OS 1.8? Check out what expert Robert Crawford found and found lacking in IBM's latest offering.

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  • Running z/OS on x86: Should IBM release a mini-mainframe?

    Would running z/OS on x86 with a "mini-mainframe" allow users the benefits of mainframes with the simplicity of distributed systems? In this tip, mainframe expert Robert Crawford makes the case for x86 mainframes and discusses how IBM could approach this project.

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  • Working with control area reclaim in z/OS 1.12

    In this tip, a mainframe expert discusses control area reclaim, an improvement IBM made to VSAM with the release of z/OS 1.12.

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  • IBM upgrades z/OS; makes $100M commitment to mainframe

    IBM upgrades z/OS, the mainframe operating system, saying it is easier to use and offers more functionality. Meanwhile, it has announced a $100 million investment in the next five years.

    Mark Fontecchio3,860 pointsBadges:
  • German trains switch to Linux on mainframes

    The German railway system is migrating major IT components from z/OS to Linux on the mainframe. Is the z/OS environment becoming extinct? And are Linux operators going mainstream?

    Matt Stansberry20 pointsBadges:
  • IBM ends 31-bit z/OS mainframe support

    On April 1, IBM stopped service for z/OS v1.4 and v1.5, ending its support for 31-bit z/OS on the mainframe. For some users, that means a mandatory -- and expensive -- hardware upgrade.

    Mark Fontecchio3,860 pointsBadges:
  • Measuring and tuning mainframe performance on z196

    Tuning mainframes for z/OS is tough with the new z196 system, but knowing how to measure memory locality of reference can ease some of the burden in optimizing mainframe performance.

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