• workstation

    A workstation is a computer intended for individual use that is faster and more capable than a personal computer.

    Margaret Rouse24,420 pointsBadges:
  • Admin Know-IT-All Question #44

    When a Windows 2000 Professional workstation logs onto a domain where group policy processing is enabled, the logon can take a long time. The wait time for group policy processing depends on how many policies have to be evaluated, the number of changes to be applied, and whether or not the policies...

    ITKE440,470 pointsBadges:
  • How do I schedule a task so that my Win2k workstation will shut down automatically at midnight every

    I want to schedule a task so that my Windows 2000 workstation will shut down every night at 12:00 a.m. automatically. How can I do this?

    jerry111,065 pointsBadges:
  • NT4 Independence Day: More users sound off

    When Microsoft recently stopped supporting NT4 workstations, some of our site members offered their strategies and comments included in the Featured Topic, Is NT obsolete? Below are some more comments from your peers.

    ITKE440,470 pointsBadges:
  • Track program installations

    How to keep track of the programs that you install on workstations and servers.

    Chunter321,180 pointsBadges:
  • Getting additional GPOs without XP workstation

    In your article "You'll want to do this Win2k upgrade," you give a way to get XPs additional GPOs. Is there another way that wouldn't require the use of an XP workstation? I don't have any XP PCs yet, but I do want the additional security settings that XP offers.

    SearchWinIT2,435 pointsBadges:
  • Win2k workstation slowness

    I have a Win2k workstation installed but I am suffering from its slowness especially in moving dialogs around the screen. I did install SP2 but the issue still exists. Please advise.

    john111,730 pointsBadges:
  • Browsing only returns a portion of client workstations in domain

    A computer browser/name resolution problem? We have a single domain on which the PDC and BDC's are all running NT 4.0 server. There are several other Windows 2000 file/print servers on the domain also. In this configuration, all is well. We added a Windows 2000 Advanced Server (standalone) and now...

    jerry111,065 pointsBadges:
  • User account keeps getting locked out after I changed my password

    I recently changed my password on my Win2K workstation (Winnt4.0 and Windows 2000 server mix). Now my user account keeps getting locked out while I am working. Any ideas?

    laurapennquakers2,040 pointsBadges:
  • Be ready for XP

    Find out which computers you can buy for new users or to upgrade your workstation stable.

    ITKE440,470 pointsBadges:

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