• Virtual tape libraries: A tutorial on managing VTL technology

    In this tutorial on virtual tape library technology, learn about buying and managing a VTL, VTLs and data deduplication, and virtual tape library vendors and products.

    Todd Erickson910 pointsBadges:
  • As a backup target, when is VTL better than NAS?

    Eric Slack of Storage Switzerland says that, as a backup target, a VTL might be a better choice than NAS.

    Eric Slack455 pointsBadges:
  • virtual tape library (VTL)

    A virtual tape library (VTL) is a storage system consisting of hard disk drives (HDDs) that looks and acts like a physical tape library.

    Margaret Rouse21,155 pointsBadges:
  • Pros and cons of VTLs

    VTLs aren't perfect, and this tip outlines some caveats about the technology that you need to know before implementing a VTL.

    WCurtisPreston275 pointsBadges:
  • Pros and cons of VTLs

    For disk-to-disk backup, virtual tape libraries (VTLs) treat disk as tape and offer many advantages compared to disk-as-disk backup targets. But VTLs aren't perfect, and there some caveats about the technology that you need to know before implementing a VTL.

    ITKE413,725 pointsBadges:
  • Quantum DXi users report slow restores after power loss

    Quantum's deduplicating VTL customers say that after an accidental power loss, their systems have taken hours and sometimes days to come back online.

    Beth Pariseau9,100 pointsBadges:
  • VTL 101: Integrating a virtual tape library into your backups

    A virtual tape library (VTL) is a disk array that mimics tape. In this tip, Rick Cook discusses the basics of Integrating VTLs into a small-midsized business (SMB) environment.

    searchStorage9,700 pointsBadges:
  • EMC refreshes disk backup for data dedupe, virtual tape libraries

    EMC rolls out faster Data Domain deduplication devices and larger virtual tape libraries (VTLs) based on Intel Nehalem processor, adds deduplication option for mainframe VTL.

    Dave Raffo7,560 pointsBadges:
  • Second-generation virtual tape libraries

    From shorter backup windows to capacity optimization and dedupe, the next generation of virtual tape libraries (VTLs) promises major change.

    searchStorage9,700 pointsBadges:
  • NetApp releases long-awaited VTL data deduplication

    NetApp is last to the party with secondary-storage data deduplication, but said it's taking a new approach to dedupe designed specifically for its own VTL.

    Beth Pariseau9,100 pointsBadges:

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